#Suits - Season 9, Episode 7 “Scenic Route”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 9, Episode 7 “Scenic Route”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10/10

(Air date 9/4/2019)

Harvey shows up in a classic Ford Mustang to pick up Samantha for their road trip to meet her biological father.  It brings back a lot of memories for Samantha and thanks to flashbacks we learn more about her childhood and about a surprising relationship she had that didn’t go very well.

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Meanwhile, while Harvey is out of town Louis decides to take a chance and be Harvey.  As he sits in Harvey’s office dreaming of what it’s like to be “the Harvey Specter” the phone rings.  Louis answers and it’s Ted Tucker.  Ted wants to have lunch with Harvey and maybe sign up as Harvey’s client.  Louis decides he’ll BE Harvey (for the lunch), Ted’s never actually seen Harvey so…why not?  Nothing could go wrong with that – right?  You guessed it!  It totally spirals out of control!

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Louis dons a Harvey Specter wig (yes, he has a Harvey wig)!  He figures he’ll wear the wig to lunch with Ted Tucker and he’ll tell Ted that he can’t represent him because of a conflict of interest and it’ll be done.  But the lunch goes better than anything, and when Ted buys the other company things go even wilder.  The company’s in house attorney is none other than Harold Gunderson!  Harold used to be an associate at Specter Litt…etc.  He knows who Louis is and who Harvey is and he knows that Louis met with Ted Tucker NOT Harvey.  Louis tells Harold that Harvey sent him to the meeting so they can figure out a way to tank the deal.  That backfires when Harold calls Harvey and accuses him of sending Louis to him because he’s scared.

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Harvey figures out what’s going on, he and Samantha play a joke on Louis.  Samantha calls Louis pretending to be Harold’s secretary.  She tells Louis, “Harold is on his way to see him now.”  Louis hids under the desk!  When they finally let Louis in on their prank, he admits he doesn’t have a way out and Harvey suggests he just tell the truth.  Of course, Louis can’t do that and he instead talks to Harold.  He tells Harold that the chance to be Harvey for one day was just too tempting so he took it.  He just doesn’t want Ted Tucker to find out.  With everything that has been happening at the firm, he just wanted to be someone else just for the day.  Harold agrees to play along for one meeting but Louis owes him for it.

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When Harold arrives for the meeting he tells Louis he’d rather Harvey owe him a favor and if Louis doesn’t make it happen then he’ll tell Ted the whole truth.  Louis refuses to be bullied and soft-hearted Harold caves but only if he can come back to the firm.

Louis tells Katrina that everything came out even better because he ended up telling Tucker the truth and got a better deal than Harvey would have.  He tells Katrina, “It’s great being Harvey, but I’d rather be me.”

One of the flashbacks for Samantha is from 25 years ago which reveals that one of her foster fathers had the same car.  One of the other foster kids in his car busts the taillight, Samantha tries to take the blame.  The other kid, Adam, speaks up and tells the foster father it was him.  Samantha insists that the man punish her instead.  He does.  Later that night Samantha convinces Adam to run away with her in the same car.  Unfortunately, they get pulled over by a cop because of the busted taillight.  That’s when Samantha goes to live with Judy O’Brien.

The other flashbacks are from about 10 years ago.  That’s when Samantha and Eric Caldor were together, even though he was married at the time.  He rented the car for their six-month anniversary.  Unfortunately, Samantha insisted he get another car because she didn’t want to get into the car because of the bad memories.  Once they finally get to their destination, Eric tells her he plans to leave his wife for Samantha.  Samantha goes off and tells him he can’t, because she doesn’t want to be the cause that messes up his kids by him leaving them and she ends their fling.  He accuses her of using him to be the father she never had.

Harvey convinces Samantha to take the scenic route which ends up with them getting a flat tire.  Harvey texts AAA but hours later he finds out the text didn’t go through.  Samantha looses it and yells at Harvey that she’s afraid to see her father because he gave her up.  She tells Harvey she used to tell herself he wanted to keep her but couldn’t; but she’s afraid because deep down she thinks it’s because he just didn’t want her.  Harvey shares with Samantha his complicated relationship with his mom.  He tells Samantha he’s a better person now for forgiving her and he knows Samantha owes it to herself to do this.

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When Samantha finally meets her father, she finds out he never knew about her.  He only knew her mom for a few months and she never told him she was pregnant.  Samantha’s mom died when Samantha was only two years old, and that’s why she ended up in foster care.  It wasn’t because she was given up, there was no one.  Seems that Samantha just needs to let her anger go.

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Donna plans quite a surprise for Harvey while he’s away.  She asks Alex to help her get a replica of the duck painting Harvey’s mom painted and that a certain weasel named Elliott Stemple took from Harvey.  Alex agrees to help Donna but she’ll owe him two favors.  Donna agrees.  Alex then goes to Katrina and enlists her help (and loses one of the two favors in the process).  Somehow they manage to snag a copy of the painting.

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When Harvey arrives home to Donna, she reveals her present.  Harvey is speechless when she tells him that this painting is the real one and that a copy is now hanging in Stemple’s office.  Harvey calls his mom and apologizes for never holding a grudge against him and taking so long to forgive her.  Lilly tells him he’ll always be her son and that’s what moms do.  They sit in quiet holding their respective phones as Harvey looks at the duck painting.

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Louis as Harvey Specter!  It was hilarious and disturbing all at the same time!

Harvey and Samantha bonding.

Donna getting THE painting back for Harvey and Harvey calling his mom.


This is the final season.


What are your thoughts about this episode?

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