#Suits - Season 9, Episode 8 “Prisoner’s Dilemma”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 9, Episode 8 “Prisoner’s Dilemma”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10/10

(Air date 9/11/2019)

I was extremely excited about this episode because of seeing that Harvey was going to be arrested, I really wanted to know how he was going to get himself out of this mess.  And, also from the previews I knew that Neal McDonough was going to be reprising his role of Sean Cahill (love those blue eyes of his).  So…onto the review…

Will Harvey Go To Jail?

Waiting outside Harvey’s apartment was Sean Cahill.  He tells Harvey that Andrew Malik (Usman Ally) is going after him and Malik thinks he and Harvey colluded about getting Mike out of jail and putting Sutter in.  Of course they colluded but Harvey tells Cahill to hire him as his attorney.  Everything will be “attorney-client privilege” and Malik can’t do anything about that.  Sean agrees.

Faye of course finds out that Harvey is representing Cahill and tells Harvey she doesn’t approve.  Harvey doesn’t care what Faye approves of or disapproves, he’s taking the case and Sean Cahill is his client.  Faye tells him that Malik has a signed affidavit from Kevin Miller (Erik Palladino).  Harvey goes to see Kevin who tells him that Malik backed him into a corner.  He made him sign an affidavit otherwise he and his wife were going to jail, but he didn’t tell Malik everything. Harvey asks if Malik talked to Sutter, Kevin’s father-in-law, and Kevin told him that Sutter died eight months ago.  Kevin tells Harvey that according to Malik Sutter made a deathbed confession to someone, who then went to Malik.  Harvey and Alex, with the help of Donna, figure out that the “someone” was none other than the person who hates Harvey the most, Charles Forstman (Eric Roberts).

Harvey goes to see Forstman.  Charles Forstman can barely contain himself and admits he’s responsible for all of Harvey’s headaches.  Forstman figured he’d find someone who hates Harvey as much as he does and things would just fall into place for his revenge. 

Donna goes to Alex and tells him something is definitely wrong.  Harvey and Sean were supposed to be in the conference going through their case and when she checked they weren’t there and they weren’t in Harvey’s office.  Alex tells her they are probably having coffee and discussing the case.  Donna tells him she really feels like something is really wrong.

Harvey offers to have Sean help with Forstman’s prison sentence.  Forstman won’t budge.  So Harvey goes to plan B, have Sean go to his boss to go to Malik’s boss because Malik is clearing doing this because of a grudge and is making things up.  Before they can do that, Malik confronts Harvey and has him arrested.  Harvey asks for an attorney and the officer arresting Harvey “accidently” drops Harvey’s phone and then steps on it!  When Malik questions Harvey he also tells him that Cahill was also arrested.  Alex walks in and tells Malik the questioning is over and that Harvey is his client.  Malik smugly says he’s done with questioning anyway because Cahill took his deal on the advice of his new attorney.  Harvey asks who the attorney is and Malik smiles and tells him that Faye is now Sean’s attorney.  Harvey always looks confident and arrogant, but the look on his face at that moment says he thinks this time he just might go to jail this time.

Harvey finds Sean and punches him for what he did.  Sean insists he cut the deal to protect them both.  Harvey maintains Sean did it to protect himself, because Harvey now looks even guiltier.

Alex finds something out that the arrest warrant Malik used on Harvey was for two hours before Sean’s boss went to Malik’s boss.  Harvey figures it out that Charles called Malik after Harvey’s visit to warn him.  But the best piece is that Sutter died of a heart attack; he died on the spot meaning there was no deathbed confession like Forstman said which means it’s not admissible and Malik knew it wasn’t admissible!

Malik gets arrested for fabricating evidence in a criminal case and faces the consequences of consipiring with a convicted felon.  Harvey tells Charles that he isn’t getting disbarred and Charles won’t be getting out of prison anytime soon if Cahill has anything to say about it.

Louis Calls in Reinforcements

Louis’ sister Esther (Amy Acker) comes to Louis’ office and asks about the merger her company wants. Well, she doesn’t want the merger but her board does want.  She tells Louis that the guy, Paul Richmond, asking for the merger was once Esther’s mentor.  When Esther was 28 years old she and Paul went on a business trip as they had so many times before.  However, this time he assaulted her.  Louis tells her to tell her board what happened.  Esther tells him she doesn’t want anyone to know.  She doesn’t want the merger and wants to forget Paul and all that happened.  She’s seen what happens to women who come forward years later, she has kids and doesn’t want to have to explain that to them.  Louis tells her he’ll take care of it.

We all know Louis…he gets emotional about things.  Especially when it comes to people he loves.  And Louis blows it with Paul.  He yells at Paul that he knows what he did.  Later Esther’s board triggers her buy-out clause.  Esther yells at Louis that because of him she’s now about to lose her company to the man who assaulted her.  Louis first goes to Katrina who tells him that Esther is feeling powerless and ashamed.  They need to stop the merger and to do that they need help from someone who will do whatever it takes to take Paul down.  Louis calls Samantha and tells her what happened.  She and Katrina find dirt and lots of it on Paul.  But not one woman will come forward!  Katrina talks to Esther.  A plan is hatched and Esther confronts Paul in one of the conference rooms with Louis as backup.  Esther tells Paul off and they make him sign papers that says he’s resigning.


Louis arrives home to Sheila and he proposes (yet again) and tells Sheila he wants to get married before their baby is born and Sheila agrees.

A very happy Harvey arrives home to Donna, who is at the window looking sad.  He’s all excited to tell her the look on Malik’s face and Forstman’s too.  Donna turns to Harvey and says she has something to tell him, he stops in his tracks and worriedly asks, “What is it Donna?” and tells him that his mom, Lily, had a heart attack and she’s gone.  She goes to him and holds him as Harvey begins to cry.

My Thoughts

Faye is really getting on my nerves!  How dare she compare Harvey to cancer?  I mean seriously, just last week Harvey could have used what he had on Faye to get her disbarred but he didn’t!  She’s worse than Harvey ever thought to be.  I mean she loves throwing the rules into everyone’s face but she has no problem breaking the rules to save herself or get her way.

Louis thinks Harvey has this wonderful, great life and really Harvey doesn’t.  It seems that every time something good happens in Harvey’s life, something bad does too.  Damn you Aaron Korsh for killing off Lily!!


Louis and Sheila are getting married

Andrew Malik getting arrested

Neal McDonough and Eric Roberts both on Suits in one night! (I wonder who else might show up!)


They killed off Harvey’s mom!

There are only two more episodes left.

This is the final season.


What are your thoughts about this episode?

Next Week:

Suits 9x09, (sorry not sure what the name of the episode is)

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