#Suits - Season 9, Episode 9 “Thunder Away”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 9, Episode 9 “Thunder Away”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10/10

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(Airdate 9/18/2019)

The opening scene is Lily’s funeral and Harvey giving the eulogy.  Harvey’s friends are there to lend him support and of course, Mike shows up too.  Harvey speaks of his love of baseball (and we get a flashback of a young Harvey and his mom at a baseball game).  He says his mom was always there, even when he thought she wasn’t; he goes on to say that Lily used to tell him that no one was perfect and that it was Lily who taught them about right and wrong and forgiveness.  Billy Miller makes a cameo as Harvey’s brother Marcus.  Marcus gives Harvey an envelope he said their Mom was going to mail to Harvey.  Harvey thanks him and says he’ll open it later.  The two have a beer together.

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Mike and Samantha talk about going after Faye and getting her job back for wrongful termination.  They tell Faye she had no proof that Samantha fabricated evidence and that Faye played judge, jury, and executioner and fired Samantha.  Faye goes to Harvey’s office and finds Louis there too.  She tells the two men that they will represent her and if they win she’ll leave.  But (of course there is a but…) for her to leave, they cannot tell Mike or Samantha about their deal.  They have to win honestly.  Harvey tells Donna about representing Faye and their deal.  Donna goes to Alex and fills him in to see if he can find out if Faye can take their firm down.  Donna also goes to Faye and tells her that last week she called Harvey cancer, but Faye is real cancer at the firm.  She also warns Faye, “If you hurt Harvey more than he’s already been hurt, mark my words, I’ll be the one coming for you next.”

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Mike and Samantha are surprised to see Harvey and Louis representing Faye and are even more surprised to learn that it isn’t a move to help their side in getting rid of Faye.  Louis offers Samantha a settlement.  Faye is angry to learn about the settlement offer.  She orders Harvey and Louis to go after Mike and Samantha and to stop trying to get out of it.    Harvey insists on holding a mock trial at the firm.  Alex finds information that Faye had dismantled a firm once before after she fired one of the attorneys and was sued for wrongful termination.  No holds barred, Harvey goes after Faye.  He says to Faye during the mock trial, “From the moment you got here, you hated what everyone stood for.  You are a bitter, vindictive woman and every single person at this firm hates you.”  Alex is the sitting “judge”.  Faye looks at Louis and asks if he’s going to do anything and Louis just looks bored.  She then looks at Alex and says he can’t allow this to happen.  Alex says he’s inclined to allow it.  Faye walks out telling them she’s not taking any more of this.

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Afterward, Harvey and Louis find Faye and Harvey tell her he was just preparing her and so what that he took shots at her, she’s been taking shots at him and everyone at the firm since she arrived.  He tells her that when she stripped Louis of his title she almost cost the firm the best lawyer it has ever had.  Then he tells Faye, “You come after someone I love, you’re going to get it back as you’ve never seen before.”  Faye tells him that’s the kind of fire she wants to see in court. 

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In court when Samantha is on the stand, Louis is brutal!  He goes after Samantha to make the jury hate her.  Later in Louis’ office, Katrina tries to find out what happened.  He tells her all he can say is that sometimes doing the job means doing something you hate.

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Mike tells Samantha to channel her anger in court when she questions Faye on the stand.  They use Faye’s past wrongful termination suit against her.  Samantha uses Harvey’s line from the mock trial about everyone hating Faye.  Faye fumes and glares at Harvey and Louis from the stand.

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At the office, a very angry Faye lashes out at Harvey and Louis.  She tells them to prove that Samantha fabricated evidence so they will win.  She also tells them she knows they told Mike about the previous case and everything that was said at the mock trial.  Harvey and Louis, of course, deny it; Faye asks how else would the other side know what was said?  After Faye storms out, Harvey and Louis think they need to do something to appease Faye but protect  Samantha.   They wonder who told Mike and Samantha about the mock trial.  Katrina tells them it was her.  She wanted to help them give Samantha a win while having plausible deniability.  Harvey, still reeling from losing his mother and ruing the deal they had with Faye, lashes out at Katrina.  This gave Mike the upper hand and he used it in court! 

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Katrina then goes to Faye to tell her what she had done.  She reminds Faye that she respected her for giving Susan another chance.  Faye doesn’t care, she fires Katrina for colluding against her firm.

Donna tells Mike that he needs a break and that Harvey needs him as a friend.  The two men go have drinks and talk about the good old days.  They talk about Rachel and how she’d love to see Harvey and Donna together.  They joke about Harvey coming to Seattle and being Mike’s associate or a junior partner.  They seem to be having a great time until Harvey gives Mike a subpoena and that Mike will be taking the stand.  Mike asks, “When did you stop trusting me?”

My Thoughts

This seems to be part one of a two-part that will conclude with the series finale on September 25, 2019.


Harvey opens the letter his mom never got to send to him.  He reads that she was excited about her upcoming meeting with Donna but she couldn’t wait to give him his grandmother’s ring.  It was a very touching scene.


There is only one more episode left.

Tonight is the end!

Tonight is the finale!!


What are your thoughts about this episode?

Next Week tonight:

Episode 10, “One Last Con”:  Facing its potential destruction, the partners must go all-in to save the firm.

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