#Supergiel S4, Ep. 3 "Man of Steel" Recap/Review

This episode we see the man behind the steel face of Agent Liberty. Here's a recap


!"Man of Steel" might be one of the best supervillain backstory episodes so far.  It captures the center backstory of Agent Liberty; Ben Lockwood was an ordinary family man who worked as a professor at a university. His father's opinion about aliens grew and grew on him. Ben's frustrations grow and at the point sees his dad died during the season two finale event. That's when Ben is introduced to Mercy and how he got his suit.

From then on, we see the events as Liberty killing and causing trouble in National City. But when Mercy and Otis come back with Jensen, instead of killing him, he thinks it best to use him to get inside the DEO. Meanwhile, J'onn saves Kara, and they try to figure out how to protect her from the kryptonite that Mercy used. With no options at the DEO, Alex calls Lena for help and gives the one opportunity to save her, for now, a prototype armor.

As I said before this was such a fantastic episode and another robust and well-developed character story too. Sam Witwer did a tremendous job in this episode and captured the meaning of what Agent Liberty is fighting for. Not only that but the moments or scenes with Alex trying to figure out how to save Kara was emotional and when bring in Lena was even more emotional too. Does anyone think it's time for Lena to learn that Kara is Supergirl? I think it might be time, but I don't like to pull that plug on it yet.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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