#Supergirl 205 Recap "Crossfire"

On Election Day, it’s intense to be writing a casual episode recap about a show in which women are heroes, leaders, even the President of the United States. The counts are still happening, and I just beg the universe not to leave us in a world where we can only see this sort of thing on TV. If that comes to pass, shows like Supergirl is going to be more important than ever. We’ll need this escape into a better world.

But enough about that, let’s talk about a fun episode of Supergirl. Kara is playing dress-up with her new Mon-El doll, and it’s cute and a little goofy at times. She drags him into Catco to be an intern, but she’s done a truly abysmal job preparing him for this; he is expected to answer phones, and yet when he first hears a phone, he thinks it’s some kind of alarm going off. She has to walk him through picking up a handset from its cradle right there in the office, and I’m thinking, you are kind of an irresponsible mentor, Supergirl. 

She also fails to coach him on basic human interactions, and so he dumps his work off on the cute girl who’s got a crush on him, tries to bang the girl right there in the office, insults the boss (James), and talks about superpowers where anyone might hear. Really not impressing us as a mentor so far. 

Fortunately, Alex points out to Kara that Mon-El might not be looking to be a dress-up doll who follows in big sis’ footsteps. Kara fires Mon-El and tells him he should seek his own path. I don’t know why she continues to suggest a career as opposed to college, because he clearly has a lot to learn.

James and Kara go for a walk, and they happen upon a bank robbery. She Supergirls up and tries to stop the bad guys, but they have serious weapons of the alien variety, and for a moment I think they might be Intergang, but no, just random thugs hired by Cadmus to make mischief with alien weaponry in order to sow fear. I gather that Cadmus is looking to sell some serious weaponry of their own to a scared populace.

Maggie Sawyer is single now, and Alex is clearly looking to cheer her up, but when Maggie notices that, Alex clams up. Ultimately, she acknowledges that Maggie might have a point about her, because she’s never been sexually attracted to men, despite her best efforts; she had simply decided she was basically asexual, and now she realizes there’s another possibility.

Lena invites Kara AND Supergirl to the same party, and I figure we would probably get J’onn playing one or the other to cover the risk, but I guess this is an episode without David Harewood (contracts are funny that way), so they do “Operation Doubtfire” instead. I am not ruling out the possibility that Lena invited both because she suspects they are the same and wanted to see how this would go. That’s totally a Luthor move.

James is feeling dejected about being always a sidekick, never a superhero, so he goes out in a hoodie with a baseball bat. He does surprisingly well, but Winn immediately figures out who he is and confronts him about it. Winn will make James a suit of some kind, and James will reveal his hero name in due course.

The thug's attack, Lena, and Winn team up on a tech solution that vaporizes the weapons, and Dr. Fierce murderizes them before they can say anything to incriminate her. Dr. Fierce, as it turns out, is actually Mama Luthor