#Supergirl 207 Recap "The Darkest Place"

Once again, here we are at the alien bar. I wonder how many of the aliens who've been regulars there for years are seriously not thrilled with the sudden increase in the off-duty DEO presence. Kara's talking smack about vigilantes, specifically Guardian, which is awkward in present company. It's also a little condescending of her, especially since she got an assist from Guardian just last week.

Speaking of condescending, hey, it's Maggie! Alex is chilly toward her, but Maggie is kind of clueless. Upon Alex's rueful introduction, Kara gives Maggie major shade: "And I've heard all about you."

Mon-El's whereabouts are mentioned as an open question, and Kara laughs about how he's probably off with any number of lovely young women. Kara and Alex laugh over yet another Daxamite joke, which is extra-gross, as they've consistently used Kara's attitude toward Daxamites as their proxy for racism.

And they should really feel bad about it, because as the audience knows, Mon-El is actually in Cadmus custody. He's in a crappy cell, not even a blanket or toilet in sight...I realize this may be overthinking it, but I look at a cell like that, and I think Cadmus doesn't plan on keeping you alive long enough to construct long-term facilities in which to imprison you.

Mon-El is being tough and awesome, talking mad smack to his guard. He succeeds in annoying the guard enough to react, allowing Mon-El to get close, knock him out, and grab his keycard. It's pretty rad, and Mon-El is nearly free, when Dr. Fierce, aka Lillian Luthor, shows up with a battered-looking J'onn as her hostage. Mon-El surrenders to stop them from hurting J'onn. Only problem--that ain't J'onn.

Back at the DEO, the real J'onn is still having the shakes after his blood transfusion, and now he's starting to hallucinate as well. When his erratic behavior starts to endanger others, he realizes there's something wrong and asks Alex to run some tests.

Guardian is getting pretty prolific with the street justice. He leaves a criminal dangling from an overpass for the cops (a la Green Arrow). Unfortunately, another vigilante with fewer scruples comes right along and kills the dangling man. Camera footage is from a bad angle, so it's impossible to know that Guardian wasn't the killer. The cops and the media rush to judgment, and there's a warrant out for Guardian.

James doesn't love that his own publication is on the anti-Guardian trip, but Snapper points out that James is hardly an objective newsman here--he is famously BFFs with Superman and a known Supergirl fan as well. Guardian tries to solve the problem by catching the killer, but it just leaves him once again at the scene of the crime with a freshly killed criminal. Oops.

Meanwhile, Kara gets a message from Cadmus. Mama Luthor reveals that she has Mon-El and will kill him if Kara resists. Kara does the hero thing, of course, and she immediately runs into Hank Henshaw! Yes, that was the fake J'onn from the opening with Mon-El, which is ironic, since J'onn is the one wearing Hank Henshaw's face and living his life, as Henshaw snarls to Kara. They fight, and it's pretty intense--Kara's shocked at his inhuman strength. We aren't shocked, though, because we've always known that Hank Henshaw is the name of Cyborg-Superman!

Back at the DEO, Winn asks Alex to talk to Maggie about easing up on Guardian. He's terrible at pretending not to have a personal stake in this, and he quickly folds under pressure, admitting James is Guardian. 

Alex goes to Maggie to deliver the message about Guardian being one of the good guys. She plays it as a DEO secret, and Maggie tries to push for inside info to back up the claim. Then, Alex turns up the awesome, walking Maggie through the vicious mind-job that has been their brief but intense "friendship." I'm so proud of Alex for standing up for herself in this situation, not letting Maggie get away with the power trip she'd been on. This is worth all the awkward stuff from last week.

Kara's in a cell alongside Mon-El's. He identifies the material as Nth Metal, from the planet Thanagar, and once again, I do a little DC fangirl happy dance. I love that I'm watching this high-quality comic book entertainment in live action on the best television network. I love The CW, I love DC Comics, I love the Arrowverse! 

Anyway, Mama Luthor monologues about her brilliant son Lex, who got tricked, manipulated, and abandoned by Superman. She demands that Kara blow out her powers on a big eyeblast so that she'll be rendered human for a day (as we saw in S1 with Red Tornado). To properly motivate Kara, she shoots Mon-El, explaining that their tests on him revealed a severe lead vulnerability (this is why Mon-El can't live in our time for long and generally has to be exiled to the future or even the Phantom Zone for his own safety; he is being slowly poisoned by the lead in our atmosphere). 

Kara goes along with the demand to do a solar flare, though if she weren't a big damn hero, she could have just eyeblasted the lot of them and walked right out with Mon-El on her arm. Sometimes it sucks being bound by hero rules.

While she's weakened, they do a blood draw. They dump her back in her cell, where she and Mon-El have a nice moment before Jeremiah Danvers shows up to mount a rescue! No idea how Jeremiah is freely wandering the facility or got a keycard, but that's okay, because it's so great to see him. They spend some time on hugs, then much more on digging the bullet out of Mon-El's leg, then some more on hugs, and suddenly there's no way to get out...at least not all three of them. Jeremiah stays behind while Kara helps Mon-El limp out, since neither of them can fly at the moment. 

J'onn's blood tests reveal the White Martian platelets (or whatever) in his system, and he goes straight after M'gann. It's quite cold and short-sighted of him, and he should be more open-minded, after everything. He looks at her as one of the evil race that oppressed and murdered his people, and he ignores everything he knows about her specifically as a person, the trust that has grown between them. It's very sad. He demands that she morph into her true form so he can deliver a killing blow to that face, but she refuses, "This is who I want to be." So he just throws her in a cell at the DEO. She admits that the blood transfusion is actually transforming him at a cellular level, making him into one of her kind.

Winn has figured out who the killer is and what motivates him. He's your basic Dexter, hunting guys who were totally guilty but somehow escaped their punishment through legal loopholes. Winn has a guess who the next victim might be, so Guardian goes in to confront the killer. Not for nothing, but the would-be victim kind of deserves it. He's glib about how he successfully killed a kid and got away with it. I wouldn't mind if Guardian got there a little late...but again, hero rules.

Guardian manages to take down the guy, and Maggie arrives just in time to see for sure he's on the side of the angels. Maggie reaches out to Alex with an apology for being a jerk, and Alex agrees to a game of pool. Cadmus has predictably cleared out of the facility, so Jeremiah is again missing, whereabouts unknown. Mon-El admits to himself that he's got feelings for Kara, but that just means that he'll soon have to be exiled from our plane of existence to avoid fatal lead exposure. Too bad, because Chris Wood is just wonderful.

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