#Supergirl 209 Recap "Supergirl Lives"

Though Supergirl will shortly comment on how prosaic it feels compared to her usual fare, the opening scene in which she takes down some jewel thieves is quite lovely. It’s a classic superhero moment, facing problems on a mortal scale, as opposed to cosmic. These particular jewel thieves are remarkably tough, though, and Guardian has the opportunity to pick up her slack.

Man, these are like the toughest basic criminals we’ve seen, though; they’re keeping both Supergirl and Guardian busy, so the third thief is getting away…and Guardian casually instructs Winn to handle this. This won’t go well. Winn has never shown any interest in fisticuffs, and he nearly gets himself killed when he immediately turns his back on the thief to celebrate having gotten one good shot in. 

The next day, both Kara and James descend on Snapper first thing, handing him their accounts of the great jewel thieves takedown. Kara still hasn’t the slightest clue that James is Guardian, because she totally underestimates him.

Snapper has no use for either of them. Strangely, though, a distraught civilian has wandered in and gotten all the way to the news room to ask for help locating her missing daughter (my super-suspension of disbelief and valiant plot-hole-filling say this woman must have a friend who works at Catco; the friend saw she was getting nowhere with the police and said, “I’ll get you in to see the bigwigs at my office. One of them is rumored to be a personal friend of Supergirl’s!”).

Obviously, Kara is all about rescuing the missing girl, and we’re off to the races! She arranges to meet up with Maggie at the alien bar to get whatever info the cops have (it’s not just this girl, Izzy, but a whole string of random, unexplained disappearances). Mon-El is also at the bar, and he decides this quest could be a great chance for some alone time with his crush.

Somehow, Winn is able to connect the missing persons to a clinic where they’d all had bloodwork done just before vanishing. (And yeah, I got nothing on this one. I mean, I accept that the DEO can circumvent HIPAA, but I don’t have any explanation for why a fake, evil clinic run by aliens is filing any sort of paperwork on the patients they never plan to let walk back out the door. This plot hole may be beyond my inestimable powers.) Kara and Mon-El go to the clinic to investigate, and genuine hilarity ensues as Mon-El attempts to blend in as a human. 

The creepy doctor shows them into a big room with an obviously alien device. It’s basically a stargate (this makes me inordinately happy–there’s not much in the world I love as much as Stargate SG-1). Kara and Mon-El start fighting back, which spooks Dr. Creeper, who dials out and leaps through. Kara instructs Mon-El to go get help from the DEO, and she follows Dr. Creeper. 

Oops! She’s gated to a planet with dun-dun-dun!, a red sun. And Mon-El disregards her instructions–he jumps through the gate to help. Now they’re both totally mortal, stranded on an alien planet, and with no reason to expect anyone will come to rescue them. This was not a well thought out plan. As we know from Stargate SG-1, matter can only travel one way through an active wormhole, so there’s no way Mon-El could leap back to Earth to get Alex and J’onn. They’d need a dial-home device, and they’d need to know how to use it.

Mon-El continues to be delightful, even under a red sun. He suggests they choose a path that doesn’t lead to “Murder Castle,” and gives this planet a Yelp rating of “one star.” They meet a native who appears to live as a hermit, and he identifies the planet by name; Mon-El recognizes Maldoria as “Slaver’s Moon.” It’s now clear to Supergirl what fate awaits the missing Earthlings: They will be sold into slavery and never return home. She and Mon-El can’t fight their way in to save the captives, so they get in the only way they can: surrender.

Captives together, again. Could it be love?

Captives together, again. Could it be love?

The captives are briefly excited to see Supergirl, but they lose hope when she admits she’s powerless here. Then, she goes into self-sacrifice mode, putting herself in harm’s way to protect them even if it kills her, and they are inspired to fight. With everyone fighting at once, they actually get the best of the couple of guards, Dr. Creeper, and Roulette (that bitch!).

Even then, Alex, Winn, and a team of agents have come through the stargate to save the day. Alex orders Winn to stay by the gate and figure out how to dial it up the moment they need it. For some reason, she doesn’t leave a single agent to watch his back. I mean, she had to drag him on this mission in the first place, because he got so spooked about getting hurt the other night…and she needs him working on his task, not being attacked from behind by an alien, which of course happens…but he wins the fight and gets the gate open, recovering his courage.

During the escape, Mon-El is recognized by an alien who shows him deference. This is bad, because the plot that will take Mon-El away from us is the plot I really don’t want to see proceed. Leave Mon-El in National City to keep being delightful! (Or…at least put Chris Wood on another show I love, because he’s awesome. It should be pretty easy; I watch nearly every show on The CW, so as long as he sticks with the best of all networks, I’ll keep enjoying his work for years to come.)

As they’re making their escape, the hermit alien joins them (sure hope he’s as nice as he seemed!), and Supergirl, replenished by a yellow sun grenade, blows up a slaver’s ship. It’s super rare that we get to see a superhero basically kill some bad guys, which is totally what just happened. She eyeblasted a spaceship right out of the sky, and I am so okay with that! I mean, they’re slavers, you know? Those dudes had it coming.

Back through the gate to Earth, Kara eyeblasts the dial-home device on our side. I kind of want to point out that the gate itself is still intact, and the DHD on the other side (and potentially numerous other locations) is functional. Anyone could come through this thing at any time, and all she did just now is make it harder for them to leave again when they do. Basic stargate 101 here, just sayin’.

In Alex and Maggie’s budding relationship, we got some ups and downs this week. Alex was freaking out over Kara’s disappearance, Maggie massively overreacted to Alex’s overreaction, and I’m not sure Maggie’s patient or compassionate enough to have this relationship. But I want Alex to be happy, so I’m keeping an open mind.

We end on mostly happy notes: Mon-El tells Kara he wants to be a superhero after all; Kara reunites Izzy with her mom; Snapper continues giving Kara the stink-eye right up until she leaves the room, but he smiles and mutters, “Attagirl, Danvers,” demonstrating he’s been pulling a Cat Grant on her after all; Winn and James are back on good terms, after Winn’s journey through the stargate and punching an alien.
Of course, there had to be a dark final moment, too…the aliens hunting Mon-El now know he’s on Earth. They’re going to come and take away my favorite character soon, aren’t they?

I loved this week. Next year, when I get the Blu-ray set, I know this is one episode I’ll watch from time to time when I want to enjoy some Supergirl. It had big laughs, solid feels, and fun action. I hope Kevin Smith comes back to direct again soon.

Any theories on the future plot potential of this stargate we’ve now got lying around in a DEO basement (no doubt)? Or on the alien hermit’s potential to be A. completely forgotten, B. intermittently expository, C. secretly evil, or D. a major DC character in disguise?