#Supergirl 211 Recap "The Martian Chronicles"

So, last week ended with a sweet moment between Kara and Mon-El, in which he confessed his feelings and said that he knew she didn't reciprocate them and that he was fine with that. They even replay that exact bit of dialogue in the "Previously on." So why in the name of Rao are we immediately subjected to this ridiculous scene in which Kara goes to the bar to talk to Mon-El about how she's totally not interested in him. They've already had this conversation, and it was perfectly pleasant, but now she drags it back out while he's working, rubbing his nose in the rejection and making things awkward? I call BS manufactured drama.

On the same note, she then goes all crazy on Alex about celebrating her "Earth birthday." Alex apologizes and explains that Maggie invited her to see the Barenaked Ladies (the show does film in Vancouver, after all), with VIP access, even. That should be the end of the entire topic, but we are not dealing with an emotionally mature person, so instead it will be the B-plot for this episode.

Let's just get the two silly drama plots tied up and move on to what's interesting about this episode, shall we? 

Mon-El reacts to rejection by hooking back up with that silly girl he met at Catco. Kara sees them together just as she had finally made up her mind to admit that she maybe kinda sorta likes him after all. 

Alex allows Kara's obvious moping to keep her from going out and having a good time with her girlfriend (yes, she ultimately misses the concert because of the White Martian attack, but she wouldn't have been at the DEO to get stuck in the action sequence if she hadn't gone there to talk with Kara about her feelings). In the end, Alex sees that Kara has a massive fear of abandonment and promises never to leave her. 

Oh, and in the continuing saga of Kara's weird anti-Guardian bias, she tells Winn she's just worried about him, because he could get killed out there helping James...but dude, he almost got killed in the stargate episode while working for the DEO, and he could totally have died in the White Martian attack this week! How does she not see this is a hypocritical complaint on her part? And why doesn't anyone bother to point it out to her? Is everyone just afraid of hurting Kara's feelings all the time?

But the real action this week is with J'onn and M'gann. He kept her locked up for a while, but they're cool now. He's lucky she's carrying so much guilt over what her people did to his, or else she'd probably have held a very justifiable grudge for the whole imprisonment thing.

He's been stalking her to keep an eye out for White Martian attacks, since she said they'd be coming for her soon. Of course, one does! His name is Armek, and he's not just any White Martian, he's the one she was in an arranged marriage with long ago. M'gann plans to sacrifice herself rather than risk anyone else getting hurt.

J'onn walks into the DEO with M'gann, and as our team stands around discussing how to deal with Armek, M'gann walks in! Uh-oh. One of these is not real...but which? In the ensuing chaos, the building is put on lockdown, and only one M'gann remains. The White Martian is assumed to be another of the people present, but there's no way of guessing which.

Here's where I have to go off on a DC tangent because they really play fast and loose with Martian abilities in this universe. As a DC Comics fan, I was sitting there saying, "Why does it have to be any of them? Martians have invisibility and phasing powers." Not that it doesn't make sense to restrict Martian abilities for plot reasons--Martian Manhunter is the character I always bring up when someone complains about Superman being overpowered because Martian Manhunter is the most crazily overpowered character ever! But I digress.

They rig up a test to tell who's who, and Winn turns out to be the White Martian. The team separates to search for Winn because M'gann says he must be stashed nearby in order for the fake to maintain such a perfect form. Which makes no sense. I would totally buy if she said Winn needed to be nearby for the fake to stay in psychic range so as to continue the ruse by speaking as Winn would or using skills Winn has but to maintain the shapeshift? 

Paired off to find Winn, Kara and Alex keep talking about the whiny stuff I already complained about. Then J'onn and M'gann find not only Winn but Alex! They warn Kara her Alex is a fake, and we get the best line of the episode, as the White Martian snarks that she's glad to be done pretending because it's "so exhausting having to care about your silly little feelings." I can so relate to you right now, evil White Martian.

Of course, our heroes save the day. Unfortunately, M'gann correctly observes that her presence on Earth is an ongoing threat now that the White Martians have decided to come after her. She and J'onn exchange words acknowledging their deep affection for each other, and she returns to Mars, where she hopes to lead a revolution among like-minded White Martians, though she knows she may simply be heading to her death.

What do you think? Am I being too hard on Kara? I feel like if it were just one thing...but the combo of being mean to Mon-El on what had been a closed topic, sulking about not being the center of Alex's life, and continuing to act like people aren't allowed to risk their lives unless they do it on her terms...it's just too much for me this week.