#Supergirl 214 Recap "Homecoming"

Episode grade: 9. This was a thoroughly satisfying episode with terrific action sequences and beautiful character beats. 

Mon-El awakens in Kara’s bed, cheerful but alone. She flies in from her busy morning saving people, and she’s brought him coffee and a bouquet of flowers. Okay, we get it, she’s not letting him be the man in the relationship but this is a little bit overkill on that theme. (Feel free to yell at me in the comments if you’re a dude who loves when a girl brings you flowers.)

Before they leave for the DEO, Kara asks Mon-El to keep a lid on their new situation, because she’s not ready to have her private life under the microscope of their entire extended group of friends. He says okay, but he proceeds to blurt out the announcement immediately upon arrival, prompting J’onn to send Kara to HR for mandatory sexual harassment training and a ton of paperwork. Thanks, Mon-El.

But the paperwork will have to wait, because there’s a red alert about Cadmus coming across Winn’s monitors. Supergirl and J’onn fly off to investigate.

I’ve pointed out in the past that their handling of Martian Manhunter’s abilities is wildly inconsistent, and this week continues that trend: He totally goes intangible in this opening action scene, but he will not go intangible again in a later fight scene when it would be very useful to do so. I wish I knew why sometimes he has all his powers and sometimes he doesn’t…or he forgets to use them…or they flare up but aren’t controllable? What is going on with Martian Manhunter’s skill set?

Back to the present, though, the big Cadmus action they’ve interrupted appears to be a prisoner transport; they’ve found Jeremiah Danvers! Only Mon-El notices how bizarrely easy and convenient this all was, and everyone acts like he’s a traitor for pointing it out. To smooth over the discomfort and bring everyone together, Kara invites her new boyfriend to his first family dinner…because that’s never awkward.

Maggie also comes to dinner, and Jeremiah gets a lovely moment, meeting his daughter’s girlfriend for the first time and saying, “Well, no man could ever have been good enough for my little girl.” Good on you, Jeremiah.

But then things get weird again when Jeremiah asks to come back to work as soon as possible. J’onn should absolutely not be okay with this, but he’s got a giant blind spot for Jeremiah, who was the first human who ever treated him with respect. He starts to answer reasonably about the psych eval and fitness tests for reinstatement, but then he smiles and says to just come on back, buddy.

Again, only Mon-El is seeing the problem here. He’s looking around the room, waiting for someone to meet his eyes and show recognition of the massive wrongness of this situation. When he realizes he’s alone, he doesn’t let that stop him, because he’s a hero. He speaks right up, even though the entire party grinds to a record-scratching halt. Kara wants him out of her apartment, but I’m glad to note she doesn’t fly off the handle at him, unlike other times in the past when her reactions have been basically insane.

Mon-El is at odds, unsure how to proceed, so he calls Winn for advice and backup. Winn is objective enough to agree that things aren’t adding up quite right, so he’ll help Mon-El quietly look into Jeremiah. Good thing, too, because Jeremiah immediately goes off task the moment he’s handed a keycard in DEO HQ. 

To Kara’s credit, she doesn’t go crazy on Mon-El and Winn upon learning they’ve got new reason to suspect Jeremiah’s up to something. She takes the info to the full group, and they confront Jeremiah together. He’s got a facile excuse teed up to tug at the heartstrings, claiming that he was only hacking into DEO files because he wanted to read about his daughters’ casework. Alex is only too eager to accept this lame explanation, and she rages at Kara for ever questioning their dad. Kara clearly wishes she believed Jeremiah, but she’s not going to let emotion blind her when the stakes are this high.

Winn and Mon-El have another heart-to-heart, and Winn has some great advice for his new bro: Kara doesn’t need to be treated in the same ways other girls do, because she’s not like any other girl you’ve ever met. Give her what she needs, and trust her to tell you what that is. Winn’s relationship with hot alien Lyra is clearly going well, so he’s finally free to just be a great friend to Kara, after all that time vaguely pining, and resenting Mon-El as the superpowered pretty boy who was getting all her attention.

Once again, a Cadmus alert comes up, and this time, Jeremiah is back at the DEO, leading the mission over the radio. It doesn’t take long for the away team to realize that this is a setup, and Alex’s heart is just broken, because her dad is totally a traitor. Jeremiah uses the distraction to steal some files off the DEO mainframe. J’onn tries to detain him, and Jeremiah pounds the hell out of him with his surprise cybernetic arm (Hey, J’onn, remember the full psych eval and fitness tests you were supposed to run?! You probably would have discovered a cybernetic arm!). J’onn would fare better in this scene if he remembered he can go intangible…oh well. Maybe there’s a deleted scene about why he sometimes knows he has other powers.

Also, a little bit of a tangent, but Jeremiah steals the files by sticking a device to a monitor screen. I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works. I mean, I know we have wicked cool touchscreen technology these days, but I don’t know how data would travel through the screen into little gadgets. 

Props to Winn for again saving this day; he’s placed a tracker on Jeremiah. For some reason, Kara and Alex go after Jeremiah all alone! Of all times to not take backup…this scene is a little ridiculous. You’ll forgive it, though, because the action scene with the train is awesome! To keep Kara off their backs, Lillian Luthor and Hank Henshaw have set explosives to blow up a railroad bridge. Kara retrieves the sections of track from the gorge, heat-visions one back together, then runs out of time and simply has to hold the other in place while the train runs by. It’s a killer superhero action sequence. I love The CW so much.

Jeremiah escapes with his Cadmus overlords, and Alex doesn’t take the opportunity to shoot and stop him (with a wound, I’m saying!). This is why you don’t only send family to take down a bad guy.

Kara and Alex are both devastated by the day’s events, and both Maggie and Mon-El step up and show what good partners they’ve learned they can be. It seems like Kara and Mon-El might get an evening off, after all that’s happened, but Winn has determined what exactly was on the files Jeremiah stole and handed off to Cadmus: the National Alien Registry. Kara knows that being a hero means knowing when you can't take time for your feelings. It's time to go back to work.