#Supergirl 216 Recap "Star-Crossed"

Episode Grade: 7

Things are going entirely too well between Kara and Mon-El at the top of the hour...they're eating ice cream, binge-watching Game of Thrones, and making the most of her "funemployment." It's sweet, and it is so not going to last, which makes me sad because I want Mon-El to be happy. (You'd think I'd say that I want Kara to be happy, but really, he's the one whose happiness is easily secured; he just wants to be with Kara and be trusted and appreciated by the group. It's her impossibly high standards that cause both their unhappiness. AGAIN.)

Anyway, their plan to watch movie musicals is interrupted by a worldwide broadcast demanding that Mon-El of Daxam be handed over. Kara and Mon-El head straight for the DEO, where the alien ship is being projected for everyone to see. Mon-El barely conceals his misery as he lies to the team about never having seen anything like this before.

Of course, it's actually his parents, here for the universe's most awkward family reunion... after all, he's dating a Kryptonian, and as we know, Krypton and Daxam were very Hatfield and McCoy.

In the B-plot, Winn is on a date with an alien hottie, Lyra. She seduces him into breaking the law... oh, Winn, you poor sap. Sure enough, the "divine museum sex" she promises him is so that she can get in and steal everyone's favorite Van Gogh. It turns out her species doesn't show up on camera, so he can't prove there was anyone with him when the security footage is reviewed.

Upon further investigation, it turns out that Lyra's got a history of seducing techies and using them to break into places so she can steal stuff. She has at least two exes who are actually doing time for her crimes. This is where this episode loses me. They're going to help Lyra rescue her brother, because crime is a family enterprise, and his life is in danger, she says, because he's not good enough at crime, blah blah blah.

So they help her, the Van Gogh is returned to the museum, there's no proof of her being there in the security footage, and the property is no longer stolen, so Maggie agrees to wipe this one off the books. Winn tells Lyra he's still into her, and the show acts like it's happily ever after. 

But what about the other two guys? She's committed at least two other crimes and framed people for them, and those suckers are just going to keep rotting away? Going to have criminal records forever? Granted, they're presumably guilty of breaking into places, just like Winn is, but he's off the hook...why isn't anyone concerned about them? I'm really having trouble with this, perhaps especially in light of the moral absolutism that is so often portrayed on this show...

Just in case you couldn't tell how crappy they are, the queen says she wants to Make Daxam Great Again.

Just in case you couldn't tell how crappy they are, the queen says she wants to Make Daxam Great Again.

As again, this episode, Mon-El is rejected for that moral absolutist ideology. Yes, okay, he lied about who he was when they first met, but he was alone in the universe, trying to be accepted, faced with a Kryptonian who spoke openly about her prejudices against his kind, and more importantly, he's grown so much since then.

And Kara's been less than straight with him at times, rejecting him, flirting with him, rejecting him, asking him out, sending him away...he's earned better than to be thrown away like this. And he proves even now that he deserves better, refusing to return to Daxam as a prince, determined to stay and keep growing as a hero, even without Kara's love.

What was fun, though, was the introduction of the Music Meister, whose story continues tonight on The Flash. I'm looking forward to it. How about you?

Do you think there's a deleted scene about working to expunge the criminal records for those other guys? Or am I the only one thinking about this?