#Supergirl S2 Ep 18 “Ace Reporter” Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 8

Supergirl flies to the DEO with enthusiasm to see if there is a bad guy to stop, but nope. She is going out of her mind not having a day job and is at home baking...or more accurately, wasting a ton of ingredients, because apparently she sucks at baking. I guess there is something the girl of steel can’t do.

Lena visits Kara’s at her house:
Kara “What brings you to the rent control side of town?”
Lena “Are you grief baking?”
Kara “NO.”
Lena “Liar."

Lena tells Kara about Spheerical's unveiling of their new tech, which is complicated for her, because of her relationship to the CEO, Jack. Lena calls him her kryptonite. At the event Jack unveils his nanotechnology breakthrough, demonstrating it by cutting his hand and having the nano-tech heal it in seconds. Lena is astonished that he completed their old project at last. Kara questions him about FDA regulations.

After the conference, Jack greets Lena and with a hug and generously acknowledges Kara as the reporter who grilled him. Kara leaves the two to talk, and is approached by a man who says he has some information. He asks Kara to meet him later and says she's the only one he can trust, because of her hard-hitting questions...which I hope means she asked more questions than the one we saw, because it didn't strike me as this all-fired impressive.

James and Winn are back on the street catching bad guys. Actually, James is catching bad guys while Winn makes out with his girlfriend, Lyra. James is displeased that he is mixing business with pleasure.

Kara meets with her source and learns that the human trials of Biomax were faked, but her source is killed by nanobots before she can learn more.

Kara visits James at Catco to ask him for a favor. She tells him that the whistle-blower died in from of her and she needs him to file a FOIA through Catco because it will get a faster response than one filed by a citizen. Snapper interrupts and insult Kara for being a blogger, and Kara uses her super-hearing to listen in about a lead.

Jack visits Lena at L-Corp to invite her to dinner and reminisce.

Guardian responds to a liquor shop robbery. When he finds that it was only a child, he lets him go, but Lyra shows up and beats up the kid. James gets mad and sends her away. (I want to say that Lyra had a point, the kid needs to learn some consequences.) 

Snapper visits his source, Derek Simmons, and Supergirl listens in, which is good because the nanobots attack and kill the source. Supergirl saves Snapper by freezing the nanobots.

Kara goes home and tells Mon- El that another one of the sources is dead and she has no leads. Mon-El suggests using Lena and tells her that Lena was at dinner with Jack. Kara and Mon-El crash Lena and Jack's dinner date, but are quickly dismissed as unwanted company. Mon-El hugs Jack and steals the keycard to his office. Good one, Mon-El! On Jack's computer, Kara and Mon-El find footage showing Jack injecting Biomax into himself.

At Lena’s apartment, the make-out session is interrupted when Jack gets a signal that someone is breaking into his office.

Kara visits Lena and shows her the footage of Jack injecting himself with the Nanobots. She tells her that he has already killed two people to protect the secret and begs her to stay away from him until she finds out more.

Winn tells Lyra that she can’t be a part of the team and she does not take it well. She takes it so badly, in fact, that I'm back on the hell-with-Lyra train; this girl is crazy, unstable, and dangerous. But the power of boners is stronger, because Winn is actually sad to see her go. 

Kara visits Snapper to give him information from her deceased source to help make his article stronger. She apologizes for overstepping to get the truth out before. The two compare notes, which leads to Kara learning that Beth Breen is the one who stands to lose everything if Biomax fails.

Lena confronts Jack about faking the human trials and shooting the Nanobots into himself; she quickly learns that he has no idea what is going on, because the nanobots allow his CFO, Beth, to control him. 

Beth instructs Jack to inject Lena with the Nanobots, and Beth plans to use Lena the same way she has been using Jack. Supergirl flies in and saves Lena before she can be injected, but is now pinned by the nanobots, forcing Lena to deactivate them, though it means killing Jack in the process. Jack tells Lena to do it. She saves Supergirl but loses her love. (Now I am a mite worried, because the Luthers have never done well with loss; it seems to cloud their judgment).

Kara visits Lena with flowers and consoles her friend who tells her that she feels cold and calm until she thinks on Beth dying in prison. Kara tells her that she will always be her friend and protect her.

Winn is still mad at James for the fight between him and Lyra and reports to him that a cat is stuck in a tree. James apologizes and gives Lyra a chance, telling her that she has to listen to everything he says, and she agrees. Lyra says, “What is this about a Cat stuck up a tree? I am hungry.” James asks, “She is kidding right?” Winn admits, “I am not quite sure.” (I had to mention this, because it was too funny).

At Catco, Snapper rehires Kara and gives her a shared byline on the Biomax story. He also begs her not to start a food truck after tasting her baking.

In the final scene, Lena has a visitor. “My name is Rhea and I have a business proposition for you.” 

I enjoyed the episode, happy that my Monday nights are back to normal. I love that Kara and Lena have such a great friendship, but it makes me think of Smallville; Lex and Clark also had a great friendship, and look how that ended. I have my fingers crossed that Lena will not team up with Rhea.

Let us know:

Do you think Mon-El will survive the season finale?
Will Lena join forces with Rhea?