#Supergirl S2 Ep. 2 "The Last Children of Krypton" Recap

Superman is still hanging out, and watching them is still crazy fun. “Does this ever get old?” Kara asks him as they zoom through National City, saving the day. And the answer is No, it will never get old; I could watch these two forever.

Of course, all good things come to an end, because the budget can only afford so many guest stars at a time. 

Hank and Winn are still playing out their adorable buddy-cop/veteran-rookie dynamic. Kara is still high on all this #toomuchfun with Clark, and it leaves her oblivious to Alex’s hurt feelings. When Kara invites Clark along on their sister night, Alex is bummed, and Kara doesn’t notice at all. I guess x-ray vision doesn’t help with spotting emotions!

As fate would have it, sister night is interrupted anyway. (That must happen a lot.) Metallo lures the heroes out by playing at being a normal human in need of help. It’s a classic cynical villain plot, relying on the good guys’ heroic nature.

There’s a big fight, and both our heroes are hurt. Clark punts Metallo out of range and flies Kara back to the DEO. He’s got a bone to pick with J’onn: If the DEO is supposedly in possession of all the Kryptonite on the planet, how is there a Kryptonite-powered super-villain out there now?

J’onn and Alex admit there was a Kryptonite shipment stolen months ago. They suspect it was an inside job, but they have no leads. Clark is pissed.

Winn's reaction to this mutual hostility gives us the best moment of the episode:

"  Superman and Martian Manhunter are gonna fight. This is terrible. This is awesome!"

"Superman and Martian Manhunter are gonna fight. This is terrible. This is awesome!"

Over at Cadmus, Dr. Fierce (they haven’t named Brenda Strong’s character on screen yet, so we’re calling her Dr. Fierce, because she frickin’ is) is pretty pleased with Metallo’s performance against the Supers tonight. Her subordinate disagrees, and she’s all, well, no one cares what our next lab rat thinks. Yep, he just bought himself a new Kryptonite heart. Meet Metallo 2.0.

Winn tracks a radioactive signature (Promethium, the metal in Metallo), so Superman and Supergirl easily locate Metallo, and for some reason, no one says the obvious: Martian Manhunter should be there, because he’s not vulnerable to Kryptonite. But I get it, they’ve had to throw in this deep distrust and awkwardness between Clark and J’onn specifically to make sense of why J’onn isn’t coming along on these very obvious missions.

Anyway, Metallo laughs and implies there is something they should be more concerned about in Metropolis…Clark realizes there’s a more immediate threat there. They both fly off to check that out, and again, I’m thinking if they were backed up by Martian Manhunter, he could help take down Metallo rather than just leaving him there and hoping they’ll find him again later. 

Meanwhile, the tension between Kara and Alex has exploded. Kara confesses to Alex she is thinking of going to Metropolis to be closer to Clark. Alex goes all mega-guilt trip, do-you-even-know-what-I’ve-done-for-you, etc. It gets pretty ugly, and Alex isn’t wrong that Kara’s been kind of self-absorbed and Clark-focused lately, but it’s still a pretty harsh trip to lay on someone, to make them feel like you will basically resent them unless they remain completely devoted to you.

Good thing there’s Winn to put a healthy spin on it for Alex: Family isn’t about keeping score of kindnesses and gratitude; it’s about being there for each other regardless. As a fellow orphan, he can relate to Kara’s experience in a way Alex cannot.

Winn and Alex realize they can track the radioactive signature of Kryptonite to find the traitor within the DEO who has been providing the Kryptonite to Cadmus. It’s a good kernel of a plan, but unfortunately, they don’t bring in anyone else to help develop it. Alex winds up tracking the guy solo to an empty warehouse, where of course Dr. Fierce and a couple of henchmen are waiting. 

Dr. Fierce, I presume?

Dr. Fierce, I presume?

The traitor is shot, so no hope of getting info out of him! Dr. Fierce monologues ominously for a bit, but she can’t convince Alex to switch sides, so she nods to her henchmen to finish Alex off, and she leaves. Alex is a well-established badass, so she’s holding her own, but it’s still two against one. But here comes Supergirl! Fight, hug, etc., and realize we’re #StrongerTogether. 

Winn has built some translucent shields that protect the Supers from Kryptonite, at least as long as it’s aimed straight at the shield, I guess? Or maybe the shield creates a larger protective field, as long as it’s working? Winn’s hero worship of Superman is still adorable. He tears up when Superman praises his work. Unfortunately, the shields take a punch and are suddenly useless.

Good thing they brought back-up this time! Martian Manhunter is in Metropolis with Clark. They don’t focus on Martian Manhunter a lot, but from what we can see, the effects are definitely better than last year.

In National City, Supergirl has backup in the form of a supersuited Alex! Sisters reunited, fighting side by side.

With the Metallos taken down, Clark is taking his leave of National City, but he’s got a nice going away gift from J’onn: all the remaining Kryptonite. This is a major risk J’onn is taking on behalf of Earth, and we’ll see whether the President agrees with his decision. Getting rid of their Kryptonite also practically guarantees that we’re going to see an evil Kryptonian storyline this season.

The Catco storyline this week introduced Kara to her new boss, Snapper Carr. He’s a Pulitzer Prize winner, and he seems like a jerk so far, which probably means he’ll be awesome in a month or so. He hates Kara on sight, seeing her as an entitled, unqualified brat being foisted on him by the big boss lady. He basically refuses to acknowledge her appointment to his department.

Kara sputters and goes off to ask Cat for help. Cat refuses, because Kara needs to grow up and show Snapper why he should take her seriously, not ask anyone else to tell him to. Cat tells Kara she’s about to go away for a while, and there is a tearful hug. The showrunners have been clear that year one was about learning to be Supergirl, and year two is learning to be Kara, so it’s important to cut her reliance on her mentor for now. Plus, they can’t afford the amazing Calista Flockhart every episode.

We get the goodbye between Cat and Kara, but we also get one with Cat and Supergirl, which is important, because they are distinct relationships. Supergirl lands on the Catco balcony, saying a “little bird” told her Cat was leaving. “Little plane?” Cat quips. Ha! It’s a sweet scene, as Kara gets to say goodbye to her mentor a second time.

James is moving into Cat’s office. There’s a bit of an awkward moment when Kara thinks he’s quitting, possibly because of her rejecting him, but no, he’s just acting director of Catco. I hope this is the last time they even mention the whole James-Kara romance plotline.

Kara drops off a story on Snapper’s desk. He insults her some more, but he grudgingly agrees to work on making her into a reporter.

Back at the DEO, Kara is checking in on the mysterious alien she rescued from the crashed pod. He’s remained in his coma ever since, intermittently draining power from the complex to heal himself. Now, he awakens and grabs her by the throat, but since we all know he’s Mon-El (one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe), I’m sure that’s a misunderstanding we’ll clear up quickly.

Next week: President Lynda Carter!

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