#Supergirl S3, Ep. 1 "Girl of Steel" Season Premiere Recap/Review



The season premiere of Supergirl, Kara is grieving from the lost of Mon-El in the season finale, and it's going to take a lot more than her friends and family to get her back to her regular self.

Kara seems to be focusing on her job more and not taking any autographs and photos with her fans that adore her. After she is stopping a robbery during a car chase, Kara focuses on searching for the suspect that got away from them, known as Bloodsport. 


Alex tries to get Kara out of her grieving stages but nothing, not even pot stickers and game night with her friends and family is going to help. It does put a distraction on Alex and Maggie's wedding plans. After hearing from James that Kara quit her job at CatCo, Alex talks to her about it, and it becomes one of a few moments in the episode that's overwhelming for the characters. When Kara says she doesn't know who Kara is anymore but she knows who Supergirl is and she can be that person but not Kara that sticks with you emotionally. 

Meanwhile, James and Lena join a city board meeting for Morgan Edge on his plans to improving the waterfront housing estates, but the city has plans to honor Supergirl with a "Girl of Steel, " and Edge isn't too pleased with it. But after both Lean and James have some "heart to heart" conversations about loyalty and such, Edge later announces he's buying CatCo. 

And that doesn't end there, Edge hires Bloodsport to ruin the "Girl of Steel" celebration by launching rockets underwater in the lead made submarine making Supergirl use her hearing to locate where they are. As she goes after Bloodsport, she tries to stop another rocket that explodes in front of her and leaves her lifeless until she dreams of Mon-El waking her up and stops and picks up the submarine.

Supergirl might have stopped Edge's plan, but someone else stops him as well. Lena stops him from buying out CatCo as she bought out the company herself. Edge gets mad, but Supergirl comes in and takes the trash out and tells him that he has her attention and she'll be watching him. 

In the end, Kara does get out of her grieving stages and gets back to her normal self by hanging out with Alex and friends. Not to mention that she comes back to CatCo after learning from Lena that she bought the company and not to mention that she did beg for her to come back as well. 

Alex and Maggie come to terms of their wedding, and in one of the best scenes of the episode, Alex asked J'onn to walk her down the aisle. The two got so emotional the Alex had to get both of them to wipe the tears off and says that if everyone says them crying the workers thinks they can cry. 


But the ending of the episode leaves a nice cliffhanger for a character that we've been looking for, as a woman whom Alex saved during the waterfront attack, wakes up from a nightmare of a disturbing creature that could be Regin. 

"Girl of Steel" was an amazing season premiere episode. It had such a dark tone but still kept what the show has always been with great scenes of humor and powerful emotional scenes from characters. The episode did such a great job keeping a strong character development and the performances from Benoist, Leigh, and McGrath was outstanding and stood out. And not to mention the Leigh and Hardwood scene was a real scene stealer. I enjoyed the introduction and development of Samantha Arias/Reign, and I can't wait to see what comes next for the character and how she develops into the villain. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. 

What did you think of the season premiere? What're your thoughts going into the new season? Leave a comment! 

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