#Supergirl S3, Ep. 14 "Schott Through the Heart" Recap/Review

it's a family reunion..


When a death in Winn's family brings him and his mother closer, revelations are revealed for another family to even the secret that Mon-El tells Kara.  

The gang is back and what a better way to be back than to do a Karaoke Night!!! With the night of fun, things were brought down to a halt when Winn learns that his father, the Toyman, had died. While at the funeral, Winn's mother shows up hoping to talk and connect with him but he wasn't for it, but when the body of the Toyman was being lowered it explodes. 

Winn's mother tries to bond with Winn even at the usual time, even when Flying Toy Monkeys were invading the city and attacking the DEO. At a certain point, we learn about Winn's mother and why she wasn't apart of his life in the last 20 years due to his father threatening her to kill him. But also she holds some set of skills taking the Toy Monkey apart, thinking that maybe she's part of it, but when she finds a card in the monkey and takes it, she finds the person that's been doing this, the Toymaker's former employee. 

Winn, Kara, Jimmy and Mon-El head off to save her but comes to some obstacles with dangerous toys from giant T-Rex, the flaming-throwing fire truck to even making Kara into a collector's toy in a special plastic. But Winn save's his mother but comes to his father's former employee but uses what he learned from his father against her, mainly the razor yo-yo to the leg as she was strangely him. 

Meanwhile, after hearing that J'onn and his father move to a new apartment, Alex gets jealous for not being invited and invite her to dinner. But something is wrong with J'onn's father as his memory seems to be a problem. Alex addresses with J'onn's father about it and tells him that he needs to tell J'onn about it, but instead tosses her out. Alex tells J'onn but only that ask his father about it, and as soon as he does, J'onn and Alex share a nice fatherly-daughter hug. 

There have been so many surprising moments in this episode, one being J'onn's father but also Mon-El tells Kara about the secret that Imra told him. That the real reason they are here in the 21st Century was to find the third World Killer and that in the future, he would turn into Blight. And that's not all, Jimmy has been calling Lena for the last couple of days, but when she calls back, she tells him that she's been working hard the last couple of days. But she's been working to help with Samantha's condition at Lexcrop warehouse. 

"Schott Through the Heart" was a fantastic episode and one hell of a way to welcome back the show from its two-month hiatus. The Winn and his mother's storyline was so brilliant, and Laurie Metcalf was also brilliant as always as Winn's mother. The episode had such strong character development, and I think sets the tone for the rest of the season. Do you think that Lena figures out what's wrong with Samantha?  I don't know about you, but I got chills when hearing the name Blight (for those that are familiar with Batman Beyond). I can't wait to see where this will be going.  Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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