#Supergirl S3, Ep. 15 "In Search of Time Lost" Recap/Review

"In Search of Time Lost"


Acceptances is the hardest thing to acknowledge.

"In Search of Lost Time" is an hour of an episode that dives into our characters dealing with and facing their feelings with the changes that they have gone through in the last year, mainly. But call it what you will, helping or not, J'onn's father's illness and prayers pretty much helped Kara and J'onn to accepting what was in front of them: Kara's feelings towards Mon-El (during their training with capes) and J'onn trying to help his father in a distress state. 

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But the main one happens to be with Lena helping Samantha, who figures out that she's Reign. When she wakes Sam up, Lena explains to her what is happening, but Sam wouldn't accept it. But after trying to piss her off, Sam did see the truth about her condition after seeing a video recording of her using laser powers and super strengthen. Sam starts to accept what is going on with her and tells Lena not to let Ruby see her until she's better. 

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And with all that Lena has been going through, she's pretty much accepts her relationship with James after he's been trying to check on her in the last week. But the episode ends with a creepy cliffhanger when Kara and Mon-El fly around the city star seeing dead birds flying from the sky, something to look forward to next week's episode. 

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The episode was such an emotional episode that dealt with friends helping friends, but a son stepping up to help his father most realistically and dramatically that it hits close to home just a bit. The performances from Katie McGrath, Odette Annable, and David Hardwood was outstanding with such strong character development and also gives moments that make you shed tears and feel their pain. 

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Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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