#Supergirl S3, Ep. 18-19 "Shelter from the Storm"/"The Fanatical"/"Dark Side of the Moon" Recap/Review

"Shelter from the Storm"


The hunt is on for Reign as she's trying to find Ruby. Reign attacks Lena and James in search for Ruby after Lena uses her human-made kryptonite on her, she runs away. After telling and showing Kara, it doesn't put them on good speaking terms until it helped take down Reign. Lena tells Kara and Alex where Ruby is staying: Lex's mansion that's been protected from the world. Alex heads over there and stays with Ruby until Ruby makes a phone call to her mother which brings Reign over.

Just before Kara moves in, Mon-El and Brainiac comes back to help and finish the mission. Mon-El and Kara stop Reign with the help of Lena's kryptonite that Mon-El uses in the machine gun. After the capture of Reign, Alex confronts Ruby that what she saw wasn't her mother, but tells her that she won't lie to her to protect her anymore. It looks like Kara forgives and thanks Lena for the help but even though it looked like things look well for them.

That is until Kara meets with Lena on their way to see Ruby and Lena tells her that Supergirl crossed the line and can't trust her. We are left with a cliffhanger of Tonya, a Conville follower, taken the Coville's journal. This was another fantastic episode. There were many moments from Lena and Supergirl back and forth on what's right and wrong to the moments of when J'onn ask for his father's help, most of his memory is almost not there anymore. Even coming up with Coco Coffee, which I'm up for. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

"Dark Side of the Moon"

As Kara and Mon-El reach the meteor, they discover there is a city on it. They get attacked by the caretaker droids but uses disguises to blend in a while traveling through the city towards the rock. Kara realizes that the meteor is a surviving part of Krypton (Argo City) and discovers that her mother is alive.

Alura arranges for a meeting of their High Council to discuss the issues of the Harun-El, as it issues to sustain the life and security of the city. Kara manages and convinces the members to give her a small quantity of it to defeat Reign. But later, Selena, a member, is revealed to be the Dark Priestess. Meanwhile, Alex is attacked while spending time with Ruby.

She believes the suspect is the killer sheriff her and Kara helped capture ten years ago, but a second attempt is made on her life. J'onn sets a trap for the killer posing as Alex, but he targets the real Alex before she captures him.

As Kara and Mon-El come back at L-Crop, Reign's immunity increases to Lena's Kryptonite and escapes the containment. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10. You can catch Supergirl on The CW.

"The Fanatical"

As Kara talks to James about Lena's mistrust in Supergirl, Tonya brings them Coville's journal to give to Supergirl. But when Olivia comes in looking for Tonya, she plays James and kidnaps her. Guardian chases them and fights them til James gets shot blowing off his mask, and the cops come but escape with Tonya. Olivia demands James to release Tonya, or they'll release a video that he's Guardian. It brings a bit of fear and deja vu to James as he tells Lena about his first time getting handcuffed by the cops.

Kara and Mon-El investigate Coville's cult place and seeing remnants of a nuclear explosion. They look into Coville's journal, and Kara realizes that the cult is trying to make a new Worldkiller using Harun-El ( a small black kryptonite state). After coming to terms, Tonya gives herself up to the cult and brings Mon-El. Soon, Olivia starts the ritual to transform herself into a Worldkiller, Mon-El sends a signal to Supergirl to location. After a brief fight,

Kara reasons with Olivia enough for her to give up the desire to be a Worldkiller. But when the statute couldn't come off her hand, Kara uses her laser vision to take it off and ice breath to cool her hand. Later on, Winn and Lena find more about the Harun-El, which can be used to help Sam, on a meteor.

But when Reign's power over the kryptonite is overpowering, Kara and Mon-El deiced to take J'onn's spaceship and headed over there as fast as they can. Also, Alex tries to cheer up Ruby, who's still dealing with her mother. When nothing seems to work, both Alex and J'onn take Ruby and J'onn's father to an arcade place.

After things not going so well, Ruby and J'onn's father bonded while playing Foosball. I thought this episode was just amazing. The one moment that stood out was the Ruby and Alex but Ruby and J'onn's father too. It was just a beautiful performance and so well written. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.