#Supergirl S3, Ep. 2 "Trigger" Recap/Review



This week's episode of Supergirl had a lot on Kara's minds.

There is a new villain in National City "Psi", Kara meets Psi, who happens to have a psychic power that uses people fears against them, which gives Kara a run for her money when she gets pulled into her tricks

Kara's mind is back when she first experience darkness. The second time she meets with Psi, she relives the final moments of her time in Krypton. The third time you could say that she suffered in the elevator, but I would agree with Wynn that she was dealing with real anxiety. 


And the final time was her thinking that she sent Mon-El to his death in space, but Alex comes in and helps Kara put her mind over matter and shows Psi how fear is a lie, she headbutts her. 

While dealing with Psi, Kara also deals with Lena Luther as her new boss at Cat Co. and even Jimmy isn't too pleased about Lena coming in and taking over on the first day. Lena is feeling excited and enthusiastic about her first day, also trying to get Kara to do an interview but turns her down handling Psi.

It would be later on that the two would have another talk and even though Kara will admit that what she's going through is personal, Lena turned that friendship card to boss card and told her to set up that interview. 

After dealing with Psi, Kara did apologize to Lena for her actions, and the two are back being not only boss and employee but best friends as well. 


While this was going on, Samantha deal with balancing her new job and her daughter, who happen to tell kids at school about how her mother saved her by lifting up a heavy metal off her. Trying to convince that she's no superhero, she later runs off and gets herself into danger when Psi was on the move again. Samantha jumps to protect her daughter when a wrecking ball was about to fall on them, and Supergirl saves them. 

Later on, Kara learns that Samantha is the new boss for L Crop for Lena while Lena's working at Cat Co. 

"Trigger" was another good episode that had some really good moments, mostly scenes between Kara and Lean and even Supergirl and Psi. But the one moment of this episode that I will take away came early with Alex and Maggie arguing at the DOA about something that turns out to be which to have at their wedding: DJ or a Band. And even having J'onn given his part in it was the icing on the cake. The episode really plays to Kara's emotions state of missing Mon-El. I still think he's always alive and will be back. The Samantha storyline is really good as it gives you enough to be satisfied but yet leaving you wanting more. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10. 

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