#Supergirl S3, Ep. 21-22 "Not Kansas"/"Make It Reign" Recap/Review

"Not Kansas" 


After Reign breaks free, Kara and Mon-El give Lena the meteor just in time to break a piece and use it against Reign to killer her off. But will that be the last time?After Reign is gone, Sam is back to what seems to be normal. Kara tells Alex that she found her mother and had decided to go back with her. After what assume to be a tearful goodbye at times,

Kara leaves with Mon-El to Argo City. Everything looks to be back to normal, but strange things come around and it gets Kara to question this person.After what is assume to be a mistake, it's not as the same person has an droid attacking Kara and Mon-El and learned that ending Reign is not what it all seems to be, which has Coville waiting for the arrival.

Meanwhile, J'onn and the team takes a close look at gun control as a fire arm is sold to a civilian and plans to use it for revenge. After talking to the suspect, J'onn comes to terms on two things: 1. to grant his father one last wish of passing his memories to J'onn and 2. decide to change the way the DEO uses weapons.But there's another moment as Alex might be thinking of adoption too.

Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

"Make It Reign"

As Selena and the other Krpytonians began their ritual along with Coville at the Fortress of Sanctuary to summon Reign back to Earth But with her body not in complete form, Selena determines that they require the blood of Pestilence and Purity.After Sam not feeling well, she undergoes some testes at the DEO. Lena is determined that as Reign gets stronger, Sam gets weaker.

Selena and the Kryptonians break into the DEO to get the Worldkillers' blood. Lara, Alura and Mon-El found a way to get back to National City, thanks to Wynn.Selena completes the ritual and kills Coville.

Alura reveals that there is a fountain that can strengthen Sam and weaken Reign, but she has to travel to Juru to find it.

Reign begins traveling to the EArth's core with the sword of Juru and terraform Earth into a new Krypton, which sets off earthquakes.M'ynn and J'onn begins the Reach.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.You can catch Supergirl on The CW.