#Supergirl S3, Ep. 23 "Battles of Loss and Wins" Season Finale Recap/Review

Changes come but then the questions are will everyone be okay.


The season finale of Supergirl delivered a lot of thrilling moments to twist and turns unlike before. As Supergirl and the team try to save everyone, the Earth's core fights off Reign.

While Sam, who's in Juru, comes to terms with her mother, who works to help her. With Selena's plan failing, Coville, who's still alive, gets aboard J'onn's ship and gets the distress call out for Kara and the team to find.

As they get there, they battle but when Kara is about to get her to kill her but Sam, who comes back with powers, comes there in time and stabs Reign with her sword.

But Kara fights back and pushes Reign into the core of the Earth, which gets Reign to use her heart vision to hit everyone, killing everyone except for J'onn and Kara.

But Kara changes time and instead of Sam stabbing Reign, they hold her down and use the meteor to take Reign back to Juru. Sam fights Reign and defeats her. As everyone comes back, changes are sure to be made as Wynn gets word from Brainiac that he's going with Mon-El to the future,

J'onn decides to hand over Director duties to Alex, as she wants to make some life changes too. James announces that he's Guardian. And Kara decides that she's staying in National City instead of Argo City with her mother.

But it didn't end just there as we see Lena talking about Phase II. After we look at the events of Reign being transferred to Juru, we see in Russia that a Kara is walking to an army base with a blanket.

This was a fantastic season finale with some heartwarming moments and questions about next season. Who's that Kara in Russia? How will things be with Wynn and J'onn gone? Will Sam be part of the DEO helping Kara now?

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. You can catch the season premiere of Supergirl Sunday, Oct. 14th at 8/7c on The CW.