#Supergirl S3, Ep. 3 "Far From the Tree" Recap/Review

Up up and away....


When J'onn gets a message from M'gann about Mars in trouble and asked for his help and gets a surprise, he didn't expect. While the wedding is near, Alex convinces Maggie to invite her father to their party. 

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When J'onn accepts M'gann's plea for help, he and Supergirl fly to Marx, in an old fashion style ship, and get a shock of his life as his father is still alive. The planet Mars is dying, and the only thing that can help save the planet is to get the spare that J'onn's father knows where it is. 

He tries to talk to his father, but he doesn't believe that it indeed is him. With desperate times coming near, J'onn and Supergirl take him and try to convince him that he is his son: by going to their home and showing him a memory. As his father sees that J'onn is J'onn, they hugged until the planet starts to suffer in like an earthquake. 

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To get the staff, Supergirl enters in the way of Bugs Bunny with Britney Spears song playing in J'onn's car. After that, the J'onn, his father, M'gann and her crew along with Supergirl fought til Supergirl gets the staff and hands it to J'onn. J'onn gave the staff to M'gann's team but decided that J'onn and Supergirl should take it to keep it safe. And while they are at it, they also brought to Earth, J'onn's father as well. 

Meanwhile, one of the more in-depth stories in this episode happens to be Maggie and her father. During a dinner with Alex and her mother, Maggie opens up about her father to them. Alex thinks that maybe she should reach out to him. She did, and from what it looked to be a smooth reunion until during the party, he left. Maggie reached out with why he just wants to walk away from this and then he opens up to her about how he had to work hard to get where he had to be and deal with people calling him insulting names. 

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After the two's heated conversation, Maggie sees her father just before he headed out. The two seemed to be on a good note at the end. 

"Far From the Tree" might be one of those episodes that dealt with the same issue: fathers but in a different point of views of both J'onn and Maggie. It had a delicate balance of humor and drama that I enjoyed and watching Maggie and her father story. I'd love watching Supergirl and J'onn working together. There was a ton of humor coming from them from getting into the car to even when Supergirl comes in with her best Bugs Bunny line that I love. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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