#Supergirl S3, Ep. 9 "Reign" Mid-season Finale Recap/Reivew

A super Christmas party and everyone is invited.

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Maybe except for suicide Reign.

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I know Alex, that thing scares the hell out of me too.

This is the episode that's been building up for, and by all means, this was such an excellent episode. 

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After the events of the previous episode (two weeks ago), Kara is still dealing with Mon-El and his wife, while Samantha is just falling behind on her duties at work and with her daughter and joining Kara's Christmas party with family and friends seemed to kind of calmed her down. 

As the Christmas party was underway, Kara and J'onn get a call of a message at an area site that had a message that she knows as a Krypton language. Later on, they see more and more of these along with people, one example being a street gang, getting killed and even tried to attack Edge as well.

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Kara gets help from Thomas Coville about the messages that were left there and telling her that the world killer is coming and will reign upon. After seeing the signs from Reign, Kara makes her own sign and soon the call has been answered. 

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Kara and Reign meets for the first and and after a couple of chats, the two battle it out. From the air to the cargo ship, they fight all the way to the streets where it becomes a pubic viewing. Reign give Kara a run for her money as she gets knocked out pretty good with blood coming from her head, which is a stunner to her and to all. Kara comes back swinging and gives more but Reigns comes back with more and takes Kara up to the roof of the building. Kara defenseless tells Reign that she's not afraid of her and soon Reign drops Kara to the ground where she is lifeless. 

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Alex rushes and gets her back to the DEO in the emergency room, where they had to tube her to help her breathe. There everyone from Winn, J'onn, Mon-El and all watch as they see the Girl of Steel in serious condition. 

Meanwhile, on Christmas Day, Sam's daughter comes down the stairs to see her mom but apparently, her mother is gone and leaves with a frightening ending.

"Reign" was literally the darkest more intense episode of the season, let alone the series so far. After building up this season of the character Reigns, the episode builds up more and more even as Kara learns and finally meets with Reign. Reign is probably one of the darkest villain characters in the series. The performance from Odette Annable was terrific, and her scenes with Melissa Benoist was such a thrill of intensity. The writing of this episode was so good. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the episode? How do you see the half of the season go from here?  Leave a comment. 

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