#Supergirl S4, Ep. 1 "American Alien" Season Premiere Recap/Review

Well, we've been waiting since June for the season premiere of Supergirl. With everything going so well, there's a change that's coming, and it's not in a good way. 


We see that with Superman out, Kara has been pulling double duty not only rescuing people around the world like a train in Kazakhstan but also working at Cat Co. On the one year anniversary of the Alien Amnesty Act,  there's a movement that are attacking aliens. 

Kara meets with Mercy and Otis Graves, who stole a hard drive from Dr. Vose office. They use high technology gadgets on her. But later she learns that the Graves, not only worked with Lex Luther but are disturbing weapons to take out aliens living in the world.  One of which tries to take out the bar, where J'onn was in. 

Kara and Brainiac find that Mercy and Otis are going to take the summit at Camp David. Even though they didn't take out the President, they lit the fire of showing video of the President as an alien. But Kara captures Otis, who's like Johnny Knoxville in a way. 

But it wasn't til the end when we see  Agent Liberty, who's taken out aliens, killing one of J'onn's friends. 

In the meantime;  J'onn has become a "life guide to a better life" guide, who's helping aliens trying to be around human beings.  Alex and Braniaic are not on the same page but meets on the same ground later. James was cleared of all charges as Guardian, thanks to Lena, who got dirt from her mother on Bruno Mannheim.

Kara meets with her new protege, Nia Nal, who's like Kara when she began working at Cat Co. Nia opens up to Kara on what she wanted to cover fashion. But when she expressed her interest on it at the meeting, she loses it over someone else. Kara not only gives her a good pep talk but almost acted like Cat when she was telling Nia that times a wasting "tick tock." 

But the episode ends where Kara saved the train in Kazakhstan, underneath where we see the other Kara look alike digging a tunnel. Who could this be? I wonder if that moment in the season finale split Kara's anger and happy personality. 

"American Alien" was a fantastic season opener episode. I enjoyed the chemistry between Alex and Brainiac. It was just downright hilarious from telling her that the President of the United States will be coming in less a minute. It did give us a nice sister scene with Alex and Kara. I forget that too.

The cast puts on an astonishing performance. Nicole Maines steals the episode, and I hope to see her steal more scenes because seeing her and Melissa is just amazing.  I can feel that after watching this episode that this season will be amazing. 

Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

What did you think of the episode? How are you liking the new Sunday timeslot? Leave a comment. 

You can catch Supergirl on Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.