#Supergirl S4, Ep. 9 "Elseworlds Part 3" Recap/Review #Elseworlds #Arrow #TheFlash

After two nights of full of excitement, drama and super amazing moments; Part 3 of Elseworld ends with Supergirl that not deals with some life changes but something more is coming. Here's a recap!


Continuing from where we left off in Arrow as Barry and Oliver learn that Deegan changed reality once again and has become the black-suited Superman. Oliver gets a chance to escape from him by calling his bluff to have him save the citizens. They came up with a plan to find Cisco but got sidetracked when they met with The Mointer and learned that all of this is a test to see who's active and willing. 

As Barry and Oliver found Cisco and convinced him to help him us his power to get them into Earth 38, to get Clark and Lois' help. Kara is trapped by Deegan and uses not only Oliver and Barry's friends to help him but Alex as well. Kara talks to Alex and convinces her that she's not this kind of person and describes her sister and what she means to her. Alex helps Kara get free and meets up with Deegan, but Barry, Oliver, and Clark make it back in time.  

Clark and Deegan fight, while Kara, Barry, and Alex located the book and gave it to Clark to help fix reality. Barry gets his powers back, Oliver returns to normal, but Deegan gets the book again and the team devices a plan. Barry and Kara use their speed to slow down time, while Oliver met with The Monitor and asked to help change history as both Barry and Kara are the sign of hope for the world. 

Just as Barry and Kara are about to burst into flame, time slows down, and Oliver takes his shot at Deegan and stops him. And both Barry and Kara are still alive after going mack seven speed. After things changed back, Deegan's face is deformed and sent to Arkham in Gotham. Kara and Clark have a beautiful moment and learns that he and Lois are moving back to start a family. But a call from Kate Kane to Oliver gets worried about a friend that Deegan is making in Arkham and that friend is Psycho-Pirate. And a short teaser to what comes next fall "Crisis on Infinite Earths.


"Elseworlds Part 3" was a fantastic episode ending but a nice cliffhanger to what comes next year. This episode gave a strong character development, mainly between Oliver and Barry as those two grew closer as friends and Oliver grew more as a person that shouldn't wait but have hope and go with it. Maybe he and Felicity will finally get back together. But let me say this that this crossover was like the perfect freaky Fridays meet bosom buddies moments for Barry and Oliver that I enjoyed too much. Another thing, I WANT TO SEE BATWOMAN AS A SERIES!!! Ruby Rose killed it and gave us just enough to see her character and Gotham that this would work. Please make it work CW! MAKE IT WORK!!! 

I thought there were some excellent moments for Kara too. When she convinces Alex the help her and describe how her Alex stands up to what she believes that gets her to be her person. Also, the moment with Clark at the end was a good enough moment to know that it was like passing the mantle down of saving the world. Yeah, I may not like how it was done after seeing Clark get his butt kicked many times in this crossover, but it was compelling enough that I enjoyed it. And not to mention with what's coming next year that maybe that other Kara could be used in that situation. I don't know. I'm just guessing. 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. I provide the crossover event a 9/10.

What did you think of the episode? The Crossover overall? Leave a comment.

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