#Supergirl S4, Ep. 10 "Suspicious Minds" Recap and Review

With Kara not working for the DEO, that doesn't mean she's not going to stop her from doing her one job: saving people. But when an attack occurs at a military ship, Col. Haley dismisses her from the scene and advise not to investigate. But behind her back, Alex and Kara try to find what caused the deaths of the military officers. 

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Alex and Kara get help from J'onn and looking forward to what is known as shimmers that can attack while being invisible. As they got a lead; they learn that these shimmers have experimented for testing. As Kara tries to talk to one of them, it kills itself instead. But one of them makes it to the DEO and with everyone using extreme measures like using real guns as it seemed that they were losing the battle; Col.

Haley gets cornered by one of them and is almost attacked til Supergirl shows up and saves her. Haley gives her somewhat of a thank you, learned Supergirl's identity and demanded to follow her orders til Alex knocks her out. J'onn comes in and tries to take out the interest of who Supergirl is. That is until they found a way; J'onn wipes everyone's memory of who's Supergirl; from colleagues who care to yes even Alex.Alex straightforwardly explains to Kara "Let me save you this time.

"Meanwhile, Brainy takes out Nia to dinner, and in a first date proposal way, he asked her if she would want to join and help with Supergirl.

"Suspicious Minds" was a fine and interest episode. The one funny and happy moment was from Brainy and Nia date; to Kara and J'onn investigating at his PI office. But mostly everything else was very intense to say from mostly Haley and Alex's standoffs on what's right and wrong for the DEO and Haley's search for the identity of Supergirl. That quote "let me save you this time," has been stuck in my head and shed some tears. Not only was it heartbreaking but it seemed like another game changer for the show once again. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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