#Supergirl S4, Ep. 12 "Menagerie" Episode Recap and Review #SupergirlCW

Will Kara and Alex be the same after the previous episode? Will Nia come to Kara's side to fight for justice? Plus could this be the end of Lena and Jimmy? Here's a recap!


It's Valentine's day so it's pretty much appropriate for an alien to come crashing to Earth to kill humans and steal their hearts. That case leads to having both Alex, Kara, and J'onn working together as each of their cases has drowned to the creature Menagerie.  While it does lead to some Kara and Alex time; it's stressful for Kara. 

Meanwhile, as Nia copes from the loss of her mother; Brainy tries to plan a valentine's date. After a talk with Kara; Nia decides to suit up and help Supergirl again Menagerie but even though they had a chance to stop and stun to the creature, the children of Liberty has raised with the son as the leader and sliced the alien's head off the human body. Think that was game over, think again!

During the Menagerie attacks, Haley goes to Lena for help on the President's behalf to stop the aliens. Soon after Jimmy comes with her Valentine's gift and quickly Lena tries to get them to go on a surprise trip, but soon she tells Jimmy about the contract with the President and her studies and even though Jimmy loves her, he just can't stand with her on her project. So the two broke up and Lena agrees to the contract with the government.

After all, was done, the President gets Ben Lockwood out of jail. But back in jail, Meragerine gets a letter from the Manchester Black which looks to be an invitation to join his team.

"Menagerie" was okay of an episode.  There were times when the episode had good moments and some bad ones that I just couldn't stay focus. The bad ones happen to be Lena and Jimmy; as it felt like the band-aid was ripping apart so slow. The villain in this episode was just okay. It really didn't have too much of character growth. The good would be watching Kara trying to find a way to bond with her sister, also I just can't get enough of J'onn and Kara as Private Investigators. And the Child of Liberty was good but I thought that story had run its course but I just they are adding something much more in this season. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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