#Supergirl S4, Ep. 2 "Fallout" Recap/Review

As the country is in anger about the President of the United States is an alien. Could Supergirl encourage the nation to show love and respect? Here's a recap!


The nation is angry that the President of the United States is an alien; and just as Supergirl meets with POTUS before leaving she encourages her to show hope. She does that at first when she saved a group of protesters who were arguing with one another and asked to talk things out.

With the capture of Otis, Mercy is still out there and has another plan to make things worst for aliens. She steals an L-Crop employee's laptop so she can hack into Lena's company and deactivate her device that helps aliens disguise as humans. But when that failed but did some damage, Mercy shows up but not without a fight between Lena, which ended with Supergirl finally comes in to stop the fight.

With Otis and Mercy caught, it's over just yet as things around are starting to accelerate. Employees at the DEO have expressed their opinions about aliens living amongst us.  Jenson was one of them as he looks at Brainiac 5 and soon helps Otis and Mercy escape from the DEO and working for them now.J'onn searches for his friend, who has been gone for a long time. After snooping around, he finds some clues that lead to a group gathering of anti-alien propaganda with Agent Liberty as the speaker. He wants everyone to show fear and not hope.

I mention that Mercy tried to deactivate Lena's device earlier; which it did succeed when Brainiac 5 was getting pizzas, and the manager was freaking out. But thanks to Nia who stood up for Brainiac 5 and saved him from a beatdown; but that courage got her to speak up to Jimmy that he needs to write an Op-Ed piece.  Even more to add that Nia tells Jimmy that she's a transgender woman and express how hard it was for her.

After listening to Nia's story, seeing an employee prank another employee and Supergirl's televised speech of hope and not fear; Jimmy wrote up his op-ed piece on what's going on in the country. But as things might seem to be okay, Mercy and Otis release kryptonite in the air and poisons Supergirl as she flies in the air."Fallout" was not only a  fantastic episode but it might have been stronger than the previous episode.

I get what they are doing this season; and it's become so realistic of what's been going on in our world now, which overwhelms me at times. Not only was the writing strong with strong character developments but the character of Nia shine in this episode, and Nicole Maines gives a strong performance.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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