#Supergirl S4, Ep. 4 "Ahimsa" Recap/Review

Tensions rise on Alex's leadership and Supergirl's safety; while the search for Fiona continues with a little help from someone close. Here's a recap!


Supergirl is out of commission due to the kryptonite particles in the air, and Alex's leadership at the DEO isn't looking so good with Mercy breaking into the DEO. Even Kara, after waking up, doesn't follow Alex's orders to stay and not go. But Kara's suit doesn't hold a whole lot of power to protector as it loses it in battle.

Lena and Brainiac try to come up with something that will take out the kryptonite gas in the air for Supergirl. After Lena helped Brainiac with his emotions, the two come up to help Kara fight out there.

J'onn, who's in anger of emotions, gets a visit from Fiona's husband, Manchester Black. The two talk and get a scoop from a cop on a location, but when that turned out to be nothing. J'onn uses Manchester's ring to get an active link signal to Fiona so they would get a location. After getting a location Alex and the team get there at the Fair Grounds.

Mercy and Otis at the Fair, Alex, and Kara get there and fight. With Kara losing power and Otis putting a gun to her head, they get Mercy and Otis to talk and buy some time; Lena and Brainiac to get all of those kryptonite gas out of the air. Mercy and Otis are taken out before Kara and Alex could do anything.

Also, James deals with wanting to be Guardian again and with Nia trying to tell him it would be a bad idea. He goes out there and helps Alex and Kara at the Fair. But when Nia informs him that Guardian has been trending for all the wrong reasons with one headline: "Guardian of Liberty." Kara and Alex are in good spirits, but Alex gets a commanding officer Colonel Lauren Haley that was assigned by the President. Liberty continues the work by placing the parasite in Jensen's ear.

"Ahimsa" is another fantastic episode that dives well in intense and emotional moments. Another moment for Alex and Kara that adds great drama between these two characters. David Ajala's portrayal of Manchester Black was amazing and freaking cool when teaming up with J'onn. It's not over yet with this character I think. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

You can catch Supergirl on Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.