#Supergirl S4, Ep. 5 "Parasite Lost" Recap/Review

The commanding officer at the DEO, how will this play out for Alex? Here's a recap.


The episode started light and humorist with Kara and the gang having brunch; it was Brainy and Nia's reconnecting interaction that stole the moment. But things take a turn and worrisome as well with Alex getting a new commander officer, Col. Haley. It seemed that she was going to be bossy with Alex and team, but she's like what Alex has been doing.

When Brainy spotted Jensen, Kara and the team learn that Jensen isn't Jensen anymore; now a parasite that gives him absorbing powers and almost taking Kara's powers too. Lockwood placed that parasite in Jensen's ear so he would have a right-hand man.

When Jensen's powers fade away, that's when Lockwood got one of his followers to steal the power jewel from Amadei Derros. Once stolen, Jensen starts taking powers way from aliens that are heading to Derros' awakening and causes chaos for Alex and Kara. Alex talks to Jensen, while Haley wants her to take him out, but reasoning won in the end. Alex and Haley have some discussion about how that event went down, but things got to what we were thinking would happen when they first meet, and that was Haley telling Alex how much J'onn wasn't a good man.

Meanwhile, Kara gets an interview with one of the most beloved aliens around Amadei Derros.  He has the power to help humans like a child in a wheelchair that can walk again. Well, after her interview with him, the public was divided about it. It even got someone from the Child of Liberty to steal Derros' jewel.

But stealing that jewel would put him to death. That's where J'onnn and Kara investigate and learn of his daughter, Natalie.  But it wasn't her that stole it, it was Natalie's mother, who also pulled The Notebook between Natalie and Amadei. After Jensen took the jewel off of him, J'onn and Kara deliver it to Amadei along with his daughter, and it turned a joyful moment.

Lockwood mad as here after the lost; gets a call from James. They talked about working together during Guardian's award ceremony. But James plans to see what Lockwood is all about and maybe find that he's the leader of Child of Liberty."Parasite Lost' was a fine, good episode even though the leading up to Jensen and Alex was okay. It was Kara and J'onn Private Investigation that took and would love to see more of that in the future. Good character development, writing and the one moment that stole the episode was Brainy and Nia reuniting since episode two. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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