#Supergirl S4, Ep. 6 "Call to Action" Recap/Review

It's Thanksgiving, and it seems that Child of Liberty is going to pull a purge. Will Kara and the gang stop them? Here's a recap!


With it being Thanksgiving, the Children of Liberty pull of their way of the purge by stalking houses of where aliens live and torcher them. After Kara and Manchester stopped a group, Col. Haley orders Alex and Kara to stop investigating it; they did it anyway.

Meanwhile, Lena booked James to an around table discussion TV show; but he doesn't want to do because of his planned hangout with one of the Children of Liberty. It doesn't sit well with Lena, and well James didn't go and instead had Kara go on there and discuss with Lockwood. Kara makes a perfectly reasonable argument til Lockwood makes one last statement that got the audience buzzing.

As everyone comes for Kara's apartment for Thanksgiving, they discuss the agenda of Children of Liberty until Brainy brings out one of their mask that happens to have a vision sensor, so they know which house to go to. Then everyone leaves to stop the groups even getting help from a dragon.

After his television appearance, Lockwood seems to have a nice Thanksgiving til he gets a call from the television host asking if he would like to host his TV show. He accepts.

After things calm down, Haley tells Alex and Kara that she'll have the DEO investigate the Children of liberty. But meantime, Lena's Phase II seemed to go wrong with testing a heart that has tumors. But when Lena was trying to destroy the third heart, it wouldn't and moved to the next step: human testing.

Everyone became worried about Nia's sleeping too much and asked her about it. She admits that she has narcolepsy but wouldn't accept help from Kara or her mother.  Manchester captures one of the Liberty members and tries to get information. But James got a call from the guy he was hanging out with and told him he could get him in to see the boss. But he had to be kidnapped to do it.

"Call to Action" was a good episode. It had some excellent moments that stood out from Lena and James fighting about their different opinions and he not wanting to do the television thing. Brainy and Nia meeting again for Thanksgiving. The dragon that appeared to protect that kid was a fantastic and subtle reference to Harry Potter. I would be very worried about Nia, but I think we'll know more about her in the coming episodes. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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