#Supergirl S4, Ep. 8 "Bunker Hill Fall Finale Recap/Review

Things take a darker turn in this week's episode. Here's a recap!


It seems that Nia's dreams are what keeping her awake as what she sees have scared her. One of them happens to be of Agent Liberty pointing a gun towards her. James and Kara notice the amounts of coffee she's carrying, and Nia is getting scared of a photo of Liberty. Kara talks to her and decides to bring Brainy in; after he tells her and Alex who Nia is in the future.

Brainy helps Nia of what she sees in her dreams and sees Ben Lockwood's wife in trouble. She's closer to the truth; as Manchester pays a visit to Ben Lockwood. As Kara, Nia, and Brainy pay a visit to Collinwood; they get followed. Kara tries to talk with them, but they take them both to Lockwood steel planet. There Nia saves Brainy and Kara, and all three members get taken down.

Kara sees the sign of the building "Lockwood"; calls Alex to tell her that she believes Ben Lockwood is Agent Liberty. Alex tricks one of Liberty's followers and confirms its Lockwood. Kara races to Lockwood's house was too late as Manchester and Lockwood have left and were heading to the steel planet. There Manchester puts a hold on Lockwood but traps Kara also. That was until Lockwood's wife holds him and Nia knocks him out with the 20-pound hook swung to him.

Lockwood and Manchester were taken to prison; but not before Ben starting another conversation that soon builds to the press calling him a human right activist. It even gets President Baker siding with the public ask Supergirl to reveal her identity, but she declined and is relieved of her duties.  

"Bunker Hill" was a strong and intense episode to be the fall finale. It opens up the possibility of what's in store when the show comes back in January.  There were moments to enjoy like Brainy and Nia scenes were great, and along with them and Kara, there seems to be real on-screen chemistry there. With Kara not working with Alex and the DEO, maybe she'll team up with J'onn and his PI team. They do work together. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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