#Supernatural 12X04 "American Nightmare" Recap & Review

This week's episode was a classic case investigation, apparently separate from the overarching plot. Sam and Dean hear about a woman who stumbled into church speaking Aramaic, with her hands and feet pierced and the appearance of being whipped. They discover that she worked for social services and their interviews lead them to a family who has given up all electronics and is living as self sufficiently as possible. Dean blames the wicken who took over the victim's job, but Sam suspects the ghost of the family's daughter, who had died due to the family's refusal to seek medical help when she became ill. 

While searching the farm for EMF, Sam overhears a conversation between the father and the son that reveals that the daughter, Magda, is not actually dead, but locked away because of her evil. Sam snoops and witnesses the mother forcing Magda to whip herself in atonement for the deaths that have occurred. He calls Dean, but is spotted before he can relate the whole story. He ends up in the basement, tied up by Magda.

He tries to talk to her, to tell her that her family is wrong and she isn't the devil, but rather a psychic, which isn't evil. Before he can really make any progress, they are brought to the dinner table to share in a family meal. This is when stuff really starts to get weird. The father takes one bite of stew, and dies. The mother insists that they all eat, because this is the only way that they could all stay together. Magda doesn't want to see her brother die, so she uses her power to send the poisoned stew flying across the room and away from him. Her mother grabs a knife, intent on their mutual deaths, and tries to stab Magda, but her brother gets in the way. She forces her mother to turn the knife on herself, but Sam convinces her that no one else has to die. 

Soon, Dean and the police arrive to clean up and arrest the mother. The boys decide that since Magda had no idea that she was hurting anyone and her only desire had been to be saved from her family, she would be allowed to live. They send her off the live with her aunt in California. But on her way, the mysterious Mr. Catch intercepts her and kills her. 

I wasn't overly impressed with the episode. It was pretty interesting, but there wasn't mush to set it apart from all the other little cases they investigated. However, I am very glad to see the boys interested in run-of-the-mill type investigations rather than some new impending apocalypse. I'm really happy with the direction that the writers and producers have decided to take with that. I'm excited for more! So what did you guys think of the episode? Let me know in the comments!