#Supernatural "Celebrating the life of Asa Fox" Recap & Review

The episode starts out with a flashback to Mary Winchester saves a young boy from a werewolf. The young boy grows up to become a pretty epic hunter, worthy of legend.

One day our favorite boys drop in to visit Sheriff Jody Mills on her day off. Sadly, she receives a call that a close hunter friend of hers, Asa Fox, has been killed. She starts to pack up for the trip to the wake, and the boys insist that they should come along, for support, and because they had never been to a hunter-gathering before. Jody agrees.


Soon they find themselves in a house full of hunters swapping stories. They meet lots of fun people: a pair of twins raised by a witch, a Sam Winchester fanboy, and a mother who wasn't too crazy about her son's hunter lifestyle. 


As the party winds down and the crowd thins, a new guest arrives: Mary. The boys are surprised to see her there, and a little bit upset that she shows up for a dead guy, but still hasn't answered their texts. Dean heads outside for a drink. Inside, Sam and Mary have a little talk, in the room with Asa's body. But Asa wasn't the only dead body around. They discover that a guest has been killed, strung up on the ceiling. It doesn't take long for the hunters in the house to figure out that it was a demon named Jael, who evidently had quite a beef with Asa when he was alive. The demon wards the house, locking everyone in. 

They get together and try to sort out who the demon is possessing without the help of holy water. Dean, desperate to get inside, agrees to owe Billie the reaper a favor if she can get him inside. She sends him in just in time to figure out who Jael is in. But Jael isn't interested in a quick and easy fight. He kills his merat suit and then moves on to possess someone new. 

Everyone gathers together to help build a makeshift devils trap. Mary sneaks off to find the angel blade that Asa had and when she comes back, Jody confides in Sam that she think his mother is the possessed one. Sam is skeptical, and so is Dean, but they consider the possibility until Jody screams to everyone in the room that Mary is the demon and needs to be killed. Instead of turning on their mother, the boys realize that Jody is actually possessed by Jael. 

They try to fight the demon, but he is strong. He begins to reveal the secrets of the people gathered. Sam starts the exorcism incantation but doesn't get far before Jael sends him flying. Dean picks up where he left off and is also sent flying. The twins join in and get in a few words before they are quite. Mary finishes the exorcism and Jael is sent back to hell. 

In the morning, the bodies of the hunters who were killed are salted and burned. As the group begins to break up, Billie appears to have a conversation with the Winchesters. She tells Dean that she wants to reap Mary in return for her getting him inside. Mary considers it but ultimately rejects the idea. Although she isn't quite ready to come back to the bunker yet, she doesn't want to leave the earth either.

This was an amazing episode. It was a good old supernatural whodunit. It was great to see the return of Jody Mills and the introduction of a few new hunters, who probably won't show up again soon, although it would be really awesome if they did. This was exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for with Season 12. No meta-plot or secrets to be kept from each other. This was really well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it! What did you guys think?