#Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10 "Lily Sunder has Some Regrets" Recap & Review

Talk about an emotional episode! This episode focused more around Cas. In the previous episode, Cas killed Billie the reaper, breaking a blood pact that Sam and Dean had made. Dean is understandably angry with him for putting himself in harm's way. Meanwhile, Cas seems to be completely preoccupied trying to find Kelly Kline, the woman who is carrying Lucifer's baby, a dangerous nephilim. But the search is interrupted when Cas's friend, Benjamin, calls out for help.

Cas sets out to investigate the call and Sam and a reluctant Dean insists on accompanying him. They find that Benjamin is dead and an angel blade is found at the scene. They follow the lead and meet up with Mirabelle and Ishom, two other angels from his old flight. Ishom reveals that someone has been murdering the flight members since they lost their wings a few years ago. They are the only three left.

But when Mirabelle goes to check the perimeter of the diner the group is meeting in, she turns up dead in an alley. Ishom comes face-to-face with a woman in an eyepatch wielding two angel blades. She attacks, but Sam, Dean, and Cas arrive just in time to save him. She flashes a bright light from her and, blinding them temporarily and escapes, but not before Cas recognizes her. 

Cas tells the brothers the story, how years ago his flight had been sent to earth to kill a nephilim. They confronted the angel who had fathered the child and execute him quickly. Ishom enters the house alone where the human mother and child are and kills the child. Cas recognized the woman with the eye patch as Lily Sunder, the mother that Ishom allowed to live. The flight thought nothing more of it after that. Ishom reveals that he believes that Lily has made some sort of demonic pact to keep her young and give her powers.

Sam and Dean decide that since she is human and they may be able to reason with her. They track her down in her hotel and talk to her. Lily tells the brothers a very different story. She had been fascinated by angels all her life, so when she found a spell to summon one, she did it without hesitation. She summoned an angel and talked with him, learning many secrets. However, things didn't happen quite like Ishom had said. The summoned angel was Ishom, who became obsessed with her and possessive. The angel that she was living with was there for her protection against the dangerous Ishom. Her daughter had been born long before she ever met an angel. Ishom came and killed both the child and her guardian in order to hurt her. So she spent her life studying Enochian magic and learning their spells. But it came at a price. Everytime she uses a spell, it burns away a piece of her soul. So she patiently waited for an opportunity for revenge. The loss of their wings was er chance. She began to hunt them down, one by one. 

Sam and Dean try to call Cas to ask him if this was possible, but he doesn't answer his phone. Dean decides to head back to where he left Cas with Ishom, while Sam stays with Lily. Dean tells Cas what he learned and Cas confronts Ishom. Ishom attacks,determined to keep the truth from getting out and nearly manages to kill both of them. Lily and Sam show up just in time to interrupt them. Sam and Dean are no match for Ishom, even without wings, but Lily manages to hold her own long enough for Cas to get behind him and kill him.

Cas apologizes to Lily for what happened all those years ago and thanks her for her help with Ishom. He tells her that his ignorance is no excuse for what he did and if one day Lily finds that he can't forgive him for what happened, and just wants him dead, that all she has to do is call on him and he will offer himself up as penance. 

This honestly broke my heart. Poor Cas feels like all he's ever done just makes things worse, no matter how hard he tries to help. Misha Collins acting in this episode is, as always, spectacular and heart-wrenching.I think I can speak for just about the whole fanbase when I say that we just want that poor baby Castiel to be okay and happy again.

What do you guys think?