#Supernatural "Mama Mia" Recap and Review

Let's hear it for Mama Winchester! The search for Sam continues, and she wants in. Dean objects, wanting to keep her out of harm's way, but she's having none of his chivalry. She insists on joining him and Cas when they catch a lead on a heavily warded farmhouse. Inside, the lovely Lady Bevel has switched torture tactics, using spells and a portion to cause Sam to hallucinate and slowly reveal information about American Hunters. But when the drug fails, she reverts to good old fashioned slicing and dicing. 

When Dean comes to investigate the farmhouse, he finds himself caught in the warding and ends up chained in the basement with Sam. She attempts to torture Dean in order to break Sam. But Mama Winchesters comes to the rescue once again! She takes on Lady Bevel and frees Dean. Mother and son make quick work of her. But in walks yet another brit. But this Man of Letters is not intent on torturing the information out of Sam and Dean. He apologizes for the actions of Lady Bevel and extends an offer of friendship and cooperation and lets the Winchesters go.

This episode, we get to catch up with Rowena, who has sworn off the monster life and is intent on living the high life away from the Winchesters, Crowley, Lucifer, and all the rest of the world's troublemakers. But Crowley has other ideas. He convinces her to help his lock Lucifer back in the cage.

Meanwhile, Lucifer courts a new vessel, a depressed rock star, Vince Vincente (played by Rick Springfield). With his new face, he shows up in Hell to kick Crowley out. Crowley is ready for him. He and Rowena attempt to rid his of his vessel and lock him back in the cage, but the plan goes awry. Lucifer is to strong for them. Crowley flees and Rowena is taken prisoner.

Back at the bunker safe and sound, the Winchester's have their own version of a family reunion. Mary is trying to fill in the gaps for the decades that she's missed out on, while the boys are trying to adjust to having a mother again. 

The episode closes with the Brits discussing American Hunters. It seems that this new player is not as friendly as he seems. He informs Lady Bevel that he's called in a mysterious figure called Mr. Catch to get rid of the hunters, should the need arise. 

It looks like this season will not be short of the trademark Winchester family drama. Mama and her boys seem to be tiptoeing around each other, unsure of how to act towards each other. This is probably going to cause some disagreements and problems very soon. This episode also gave us a little hint that the English Men of Letters could be of some use to Sam and Dean, but the introduction of Mr. Catch means that there probably won't be any cooperation. I'm excited to see what happens next!

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