#Supernatural "Rock Never Dies" Recap and Review

Lucifer's back again still riding inside Vince Vicente so the boys hit up L. A. with  Crowley and Cas to figure out what he's up to. It seems his new plan isn't to conquer Hell again or retake heaven, at least not yet. He's far more interested in the intoxicating adoration of Vicente's fans. He's set up a secret concert at a secret location, invite only, designed by his PR for maximum fame. But it's not money he's after.

The team tracks down a Vicente super-fan who was admitted to a local hospital for self-inflicted wounds, spelling his name across her chest. Crowley realizes that it's that sort of crazy power that Lucifer is after. They set off to track down the show. Cas finally finds out where the show is happening and split up to try and incapacitate Lucifer and get the unsuspecting fans out of danger.  


Crowley and Cas team up to hold off Lucifer while the Winchesters figure out how to empty the building. They try the fire alarm, but it doesn't work. Lucifer leaves the battered and bloody angel-demon duo in the dressing room and steps out on stage. Desperate, Dean fires his gun into the air, scaring the crowd into action. Lucifer tries to shut the doors and lock everyone, but Sam manages to hold them open just long enough to get everyone safely out. 

Sam, Dean, Cas, and Crowley try everything they can to contain Lucifer, but he's too powerful. But rather than kill our heroes, he decides that he has better things to do. He leaves behind his weak, shriveling vessel and disappears. Despite the massive amount of people that they saved, Sam is still feeling the weight of the five people that Lucifer did kill before they could intervene.

Lucifer is becoming more and more of a main villain this season, rather than the Men of Letters, which is a pretty interesting turn. It's a bad guy they've faced before but we're able to entirely beat him. They only managed to trap him. I enjoyed this episode and I'm super interested to see where they take this. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!