Supernatural s12e13 "Family Feud"

There was a lot going on in this episode. The plot with Mary WInchester being involved with the Men of Letters takes a big step forward, as we get a glimpse of what hunting for them looks like. We also get some much needed explanation (finally!) for the reappearance of Lucifer in Crowley's possession, rather than in the cage like expected. In addition, Kelly Kline finally resurfaces.This leaves less time for the actual plot of the episode itself, so it's really not that exciting, because they just don't have enough time on screen to really let things get out of hand. 

So here's what we know about Lucifer so far: Crowley had his little minions study the cage and find out what made it work. Then he had those minions forge the chains could bind Lucifer, if he was returned to his old vessel (played by Mark Pellegrino). Crowley found the body of his previous vessel and had some work done on it so that it could again contain our favorite fallen archangel. Then, while the Winchesters and Rowena were focused on convincing Kelly Kline (the woman carrying Lucifer's nefilim) to help them capture Lucifer, Crowley did some modifying to the spell's ingredients. The modification sent Lucifer back to his old vessel, rather than the cage, allowing Crowley to get revenge for the humiliation he suffered under Lucifer's brief reign in hell. However, Lucifer seems very unconcerned by this. We learn later that this is because he is aware of the antics of 

At first, the new case that the Winchesters have picked up seems like a pretty straightforward ghost or cursed object case. But their investigation leads them to an ancient shipwreck that's being installed in a local museum. They take a look at the ship, The Star, and in a surprising twist, it's Dean that recognizes it as the ship that Gavin Macleod was supposed to take to the new world, although he was kidnapped by Abaddon and never made it onboard. They decide to track him down for a chat.

They try to ask Crowley for help, but it's a pretty dead end, since Crowley is livid about the escape of Kelly Kline with the nephilim. So instead they call up Rowena, who agrees to help. They meet up with Gavin and introduce him to Rowena. They take him to see The Star and ask him about the other passengers. On the museum's intake manifest, he sees an entry for a locket. He tells them about his love, Fiona, who he had given the locket to. Fiona had wanted to go with Gavin to the New World. She was supposed to see Gavin one more time before he left on his ship, but since he had been kidnapped and taken to the future, he hadn't shown up. The group surmises that Fiona must have assumed that Gavin had decided to leave without her and had smuggled herself aboard the ship and died when it sank. They look for the locket, but it's missing. 

Since the ghost has been attacking teachers, they check out the tour list to see if there was a tour recently. They track down the woman who led her students through the tour and make it to the house just in time to save one of the two women from the vengeful Fiona. To make sure that they have the right ghost, the Winchesters have Gavin call upon the ghost. Fiona shows up and the rot of her ghosthood wears off at the sight of Gavin. She tells Gavin what happened to her aboard the ship when she was left alone there. The crew abused her and her teacher said the Fiona deserved it for throwing herself at Gavin. 

With Fiona's bones at the bottom of the ocean, there isn't much that the Winchesters can do. But Sam comes up with the idea to send Gavin back in time to go with Fiona on The Star and protect her. They would both die, but it would spare Fiona from the terrible fate that led her to become a ghost in the first place, meaning that the murders would never take place and everyone would be saved. Gavin agrees, despite Rowena's small protests. But Crowley shows up to stop Gavin from going to his death, and Rowena steps up to protect his right to choose. She sends Crowley away and Sam and Dean take Gavin back to the bunker where they use the time traveling spell to send him back. A quick check of the newspapers reveals that the plan worked and no one was killed in the present. 

Throughout all of this, Kelly Kline's story starts to unfold. She shows up having dinner in a small town diner. As she leaves, she is cornered by two angels, who attempt to kill her. She's rescued by a demon, Dagon, a Prince of Hell. Dagon tells Kelly that the child she's carrying could save everyone and she offers her protection from the "good guys" who want her dead. 

On top of all of this, we get a glimpse into Mary's relationship with the Men of Letters. While she has gotten to use quite a few new toys that are far more effective than the traditional weapons of the American hunters, Mr. Catch is working his will on her and trying to drive a wedge between her and Sam and Dean. She is shaken by the things that he says to her, and resolves to keep her family first. The brings burgers and beer as a peace offering and heads to the bunker to tell the boys that she's been working with the Men of Letters.As expected, the news doesn't go over too well. Dean angrily tells her to get out of the bunker. Sam tries to take a more understanding position, but her to is upset by her choice to ally herself with the people who tortured him and attempted to kill him. 

Overall, there was some important information that moved the plot forward, but it probably isn't worth a rewatch. It's necessary overall, but it really wasn't very exciting.