#Supernatural S12 Ep14 "The Raid" Recap & Review

After Mary reveals to Sam and Dean that she's been working with the British Men of Letters, and the boy's negative reactions, she returns to the Men of Letters' temporary headquarters to continue her work with them, eliminating vampires. Despite her repeated attempts to reach out to Dean, he still refuses to answer her texts. Sam however, takes a softer stance and agrees to try and understand. 

Sam agrees to meet with Mary to take a look at the Men of Letter's headquarters to see what sort of operation they're running. Sam is mildly impressed with the high-tech organization of everything that the Men of Letters are working on, through he still has his reservations about it. They finally catch his interest by telling him about the imminent success of their vampire elimination program. They have been using intelligence, and their unique device called the AVD (anti-vamp device) to systematically wipe out every nest in the northern midwest of the US. The last remaining nest is in Wichita, Kansas. 

While Sam is occupied there, Mr. Catch takes a different angle towards recruiting Dean. He shows up to the bunker for a chat bearing a gift: expensive scotch. After a few drinks and some smooth talking of the part of Mr. Catch, Dean agrees to go with him to take out a vamp nest--the one in Wichita. They arrive ready for a fight but find only one vampire, a low-level drone who fled from the slaughter in her previous nest. Mr. Catch begins to beat her, demanding to know where the rest of the vampires are. Despite his callous nature towards violence, Dean is bothered by the level of brutality that Mr. Catch displays. He stops Mr. Catch and instead offers the vamp a deal: tell them where the others went, and he'll make her death quick. She relents and tells them that the nest went hunting the hunters.

Meanwhile, back at Men of Letters HQ, Sam, Mary, and the other Men of Letters there come under attack. The base was designed to facilitate attack operations and possesses very little defense capability. The group of 5 is trapped in the conference room with next to no weapons. To make things worse, only three of the six people there had ever killed anything before, Sam, Mary, and a small time hunter named.

Overall another good episode I would give it a grade 8.