#Supernatural S12 Ep16 "Ladies Drink Free" Recap

Episode Grade: 8

Now that the cat's out of the bag, Sam and Dean are showing up at MoL HQ to get their assignments. Mick Davies hands them a case on a werewolf in Wisconsin who took the heart of a teen boy and put the sister in the hospital, but there's a catch. He wants to tag along. Dean objects to the dead weight of an untrained tag-along, but Sam thinks his knowledge may be useful. Dean agrees but tells Sam that he'll be doing the babysitting. 

Dean changes his tune when the trio gets to the hotel that Mick has booked them separate rooms in. The three-star hotel is a far cry from the Motels the Winchesters are used to. Despite a slight disagreement over whether every werewolf is a killing machine that needs to be put down, Mick and the Winchesters are getting along pretty well.

He becomes even more useful the next day when they visit a surviving victim in the hospital. The mother of the young girl does not want her to be bothered by any more law enforcement, but Mick swoops, dressed as a doctor, and asks for a few minutes along to talk to the girl. Sam and Dean talk to the mother and discover that another hunter has been sniffing around about this case. A small blonde with an attitude. While the Winchesters talk with the mother, Mick finds out that the girl who has been bitten. He declines to tell the brothers about it.


Dean calls up Claire with the number in the card that the mother gave him at the hospital, and she joins Mick and the Winchesters at their hotel. They share their information. Claire reveals that she found the dive bar where the bitten girl had been hanging around right before the attack.

Mick slips away from the conversation after that, telling them all that he has a report due. Instead, he heads back to the hospital with a syringe full of silver nitrate. Just as he's about to inject it into the bitten girl's IV, she wakes up and turns. She attacks Mick and manages to gouge his shoulder before he puts the silver solution into her heart.

The next morning, the Winchesters and Co. get wind of the death and go to the hospital morgue to check it out. They figure out that she must have been turned, despite Mick's earlier assertion that she hadn't been bitten. To continue investigating, Sam and Claire head to the high school, while Dean and Mick check out the dive bar. Dean interviews the suspect and asks for an alibi. The suspects seem confused, so Dean asks Mick about his whereabouts the previous night as an example. When they leave the bar, Dean calls out Mick and gets him to confess to the killing. Dean yells at him for it, explaining that the issue of who to kill and who to let live isn't as black and white as it seems. Not all monsters deserve to die.

Back at the high school, Claire finds out a little more about the guy that the girl had been hanging around. Then Sam asks about why Jodi doesn't know about Claire's hunting. They fight, and Claire storms off on her own. Before she can make it back to where she's staying, the werewolf attacks her and bites her, and then disappears. Sam comes running, but he's too late. There's nothing more he can do, so he takes her back to the hotel. 

Sam and Dean are upset with Mick for killing the young girl, but that's all overshadowed by their fear of what will happen with Claire. They try to reassure her that she can handle this. The only thing that will change about her life s that she'll spend a few nights a month locked up so she can't hurt anyone. But Claire tells them she can't take that. She knows that she'll pose a threat to Jody and. She tells the Winchesters she'd rather die. Sam recalls an experiment that the MoL once performed in an attempt to cure lycanthropy. Mick tells them it won't work. The study was done on mice. The only human subject to be tested died in agony. Dean doesn't want to, but he goes along with Claire's wishes. To get the cure, they need the blood of the live werewolf that bit her. 

All roads lead back to the dive bar and the seedy bartender, so Sam and Dean head there. They leave Claire in Mick's care. But the bartender isn't the werewolf. While they continue to search, Claire begins the process of the transformation. She insists that Mick shoot her or let her shoot herself. He agrees that it's probably a better idea, but refuses. Instead, he decides to restrain her, but before he can, the werewolf shows up. Mick is untrained and no match for him. The wolf overpowers Mick and takes Claire. The Winchesters return, furious, but Mick tells them that he but a tracker on Claire, and they can kill him after they save her.

The wolf takes Claire back to his home and tells her why he's turning people. He was a part of a peaceful pack,  that didn't harm people. But hunters with new strange weapons showed up and killed most of the pack and scattered the rest. Desperate and alone, he wants a new pack. He tries to convince Claire that she can be a part of, but she wants none of it, since she has a loving family of her own already. 

Claire starts to transform, claws and all. Just then, the Winchesters and Mick show up. Claire rips out of the ropes holding her, and Dean tries to keep her at bay while Sam and Mick get the blood. They manage to get a syringe in him, then Mick shoots him. He mixes the blood into another syringe and gives it to Dean. Sam distracts Claire and Dean injects her. Immediately, she falls to the floor, twitching and growling. 

She continues to writhe for quite a while, and the Winchesters and Mick watch over her. And then she stops. No breathing, no twitching, nothing. But slowly, her claws retract and her eyes flutter open. The cure worked. In light of his part in saving her life, Sam and Dean decide to give Mick a second chance. Claire calls Jody to tell her the truth, and then the group parts ways.