#Supernatural S12 Ep18 "The Memory Remains" Recap & Review

With Dagon gona and Cas still MIA, Sam and Dean decide to take on another case, sent to them by Mick, who is dead. A teen in Tomahawk, Missouri. They head out a begin their investigation by talking to the Sheriff who isn't being very helpful. They track down a witness, who points them to a goat-headed creature called Black Bill. That night, the witness goes missing. 

Sam does some research and determines that the creature in question is a satyr, known for luring people into the woods for massive orgies, then eating the people. Since the victims are both connected to the meat packing plant that the town depends on, the Winchesters go to check it out. They discover that the facility is in danger of being shut down, due to the drop off in business. They also find out that the meat packing plant belongs to the Sheriff, who comes from the family that's run the town for pretty much all of its existence. 

Sam does some digging and finds the family estate and the brothers go for a visit. In the locked basement, they discover a locked basement. They break in and find a very creepy murder room. But it isn't long before they hear someone upstairs. The sheriff has come home. He grabs the keys and comes towards the basement, only to find it open. He moves cautiously down the stairs. The brothers ambush him at the bottom and pin him to the wall. Dean demands an explanation for what's been going on. 

The sheriff explains that Black Bill isn't really a monster--it's his family. For generations, the tradition has been passed from father to son. The family kept Moloch, god of sacrifices, who feeds on blood. They kept him locked under, their basement, mostly starved, so that he would do anything for blood. In return for one human sacrifice a year, Moloch made the family rich. 

But the sheriff wasn't a fan of that. after his father died, he got into the law, began selling off the family's property to the townspeople, and stopped sacrificing to Moloch, hoping he'd simply starve to death. Everything seemed to be working fine until the two kids from the factory went missing. Sam and Dean take a look at the cage where Moloch was kept and find it empty. They hear something upstairs, so Dean goes up to check it out. He finds an intruder and tries to subdue him, but the intruder throws Dean off a balcony, knocking him out. He locks Sam and the sheriff in the basement before they can come to his aid and takes Dean to the meat packing plant. 

There, he reveals that he is the sheriff's half brother, Pete. He was angry over the sheriff squandering the family fortune, and broke into the estate to look for something to sell. Instead he found Moloch. He decided to take up the family tradition of murder in order to gain the wealth he wants, and set Moloch free. And since Dean stumbled onto his plans, Dean is going to be Moloch's next meal. Meanwhile, Sam and the sheriff break out of the basement and track Dean's phone. Before they arrive, Pete drags Dean tied up into the meat freezer where Moloch is hiding out. He breaks out of the weak bindings and grabs a meat hook to try and fight off Moloch. 

Outside, Sam and the sheriff take on Pete, who ambushes them and manages to knock the colt out of Sam's hands. He grabs the colt and points it at the sheriff, ready to kill him, but Sam has a backup gun. He pulls the trigger, killing Pete. He takes back the colt and uses the other gun to blow the lock off the freezer. He bursts in just in time to pull the trigger on the colt and kills Moloch before he can kill Dean. The brothers offer to help the sheriff clean up the mess of bodies, but he tells them to go. It's his legacy to take care of. 


While the Winchesters are out doing the hard work of god-killing, Mr. Catch and his team of Men of Letters are in the bunker, recording everything that they can about the Winchesters and bugging the place. They are unable to locate the colt, however. But the bugs work just fine, so he is able to overhear the boys when they come home and talk about what they hope that their legacy will be. They hope that more hunters will come along after them, and continue to save people because the lives that they've saved are their legacy. He can even hear the scratching noises as the boys take a pocket knife and scratch their initials into the table, just like they did in Baby. 

Sam and Dean decide to call Mick to report on their little adventure with the god and get ahold of Mr. Catch instead. He tells them that Mick has gone back to England to answer for the whole mess with Dagon, so for the time being, they will report to him. The boys aren't happy about it, but they go along with it for now. 

Catch the next episode on Thursday, 4/27 to see the return of Cas!