#Supernatural Season 11 Recap & Review

After an entire decade of being on air, our boys have fought some pretty big baddies. But not even Lucifer himself can compare to the Darkness released in the Season 10 finale. This time, Sam and Dean have really made a mess of things by freeing god's sister herself. She enters the world as a black smoke that rolls through a town nearby, driving its normal residents into a murderous rage. Fortunately for the Winchesters, whatever has infected the people kills them pretty quickly. They are able to wait out the bloodbath in a hospital. The only survivors from the town are the sheriff and a newborn infant named Amara. The sheriff decides to take baby Amara in, but things go south very quickly. Amara now bears the mark of Cain and is showing a very big appetite for souls. She grows alarmingly fast and in a matter of days has become equivalent to a little twelve-year-old girl. 

Unwilling to kill a child without knowing what they're dealing with, Sam and Dean search for answers. But Amara's appetite continues to grow, and it isn't long before Crowley decides that he wants to control her power. Dean discovers that he has a bond with Amara, and feels almost protective of her, despite her monstrous ways. He takes her in without telling the Winchesters and takes it upon himself to educate her in the ways of hell. But it isn't long before she gets out of his control as well. The Winchesters learn of her whereabouts and mount a mission to infiltrate her hiding place and kill her. But instead, Amara saves Dean from Crowley. 

Meanwhile, Cas tracks down the now-human Metatron and does some investigating of his own. Our heroes finally learn of her origin, and the darkness, god's sister locked away at the beginning of time. Soon after, Amara leaves Crowley to pursue her own interests in the world. She begins a search for god, killing his "chosen ones" in an increasingly desperate attempt to get his attention and meet with him, but he is, as always, absent. 

Through all of this, Sam begins to have vision again. But instead of seeing random events that are loosely connected, he sees Lucifer in his cage.  He believes that the visions come from god. Eventually, he convinces Dean to let him follow the visions. With the help of Crowley and the reluctant assistance from Rowena, Sam goes to hell to talk to the devil. But the warding fails, due to Rowena's treachery and Dean has pulled into the cage again.  Lucifer tries to persuade Sam to become a vessel and take him topside. He reveals that he was the source of the visions, not god. Dean and Cas swoop in to help save him, and Crowley uses a "witch collar" to restrain her and force her to restore the warding and lock Lucifer away again. The plan works, and all seems to be well until Cas comes back to hell to reveal that he is no longer Cas. In a desperate attempt to sacrifice himself to save the world, Cas agreed to become Lucifer's vessel. 

Dean's bond with Amara grows as the season progresses and he begins to doubt his ability to kill her. But they continue to search for ways to kill or imprison her anyway. In the process, Lucifer reveals his new found freedom, leaving the boys down an angel and close friend. Amara grows ever stronger as they try to deal with the loss and find a way to get Cas back. 

Then Chuck returns, and calls up Metatron to reveal that he is, in fact, god and wants to write another book, but he needs his scribe. Metatron agrees, but in the end, he confronts Chuck about the real reason that he is just now revealing himself and trying to write a memoir. Metatron calls him out on his cowardice and convinces him to step up and help his creations, who are still fighting, even after Chuck gave up. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean encounter the black fog again, and Sam becomes infected. The unaffected Dean cries out for help as Sam dies, asking Amara stop. The fog recedes, and Sam is healed. They walk outside to find Metatron with Chuck, who reveals his true identity. 

Chuck agrees to come along to help the Winchesters. Lucifer joins them, rather unwillingly after being rescued from Amara, who has captured him, hoping for information on Chuck. Sam and Dean get to play the family councilors, trying to get the petulant Lucifer and stubborn Chuck to reconcile long enough to take on the Darkness. But to do they, they would need all the power they could get their hands on. Sam and Dean recruit the angels and bring in Crowley and Rowena to help them weaken Amara so that Chuck can seal her away again. The Dream team doesn't have to wait long. Amara comes to them, and they throw everything that they have at her. It's almost enough, but not quite. Chuck and Amara finally get a little bit of a chance to talk about their deep-seated sibling issues, but it ends in fighting. She mortally wounds Chuck and apparently kills Lucifer, leaving Cas free, before vanishing. 

With Chuck dying, the world begins to die as well. In one last ditch effort to kill Amara, the brothers talk to a reaper to get enough souls to turn Dean into a living bomb that they hope will be able to take out Amara. But when Dean goes to her, she holds no malice. She admits that she was wrong to hurt Chuck and that if he dies so will she, and she does not want that. She goes to Chuck to reconcile and heals the damage that she did to him. They leave together to try and sort out their problems. In return for his help, Amara promises to give Dean something that he desires but doesn't say what it is. This season, instead of ending with the entrance of an even bigger bad guy to fight, we are left with a different sort of cliff hanger. The UK men of letters send a woman to deal with the havoc that the Winchesters have caused over the years, and she ambushes Sam. He tries to talk her down from her objective, but she pulls the trigger on her gun anyway. Unaware of this, Dean stumbles through the woods, trying to find civilization after Amara and Chuck left him behind and stumbles across a woman in a nightgown--his mother. 

We won't have to wait long to find out what will happen next; season 12 is set to air October 13 9/8c on the CW.

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