#Supernatural Season 12 Premier Recap and Review

Last night was the night we've all been waiting for! Sam and Dean return in the season premier of Supernatural Season 12. Last season left off with Sam facing off against a woman from the London chapter house of the Men of Letters and Dean stumbling across his mother, Mary Winchester, in the woods. 

The reuniting of mother and son is everything we hoped for. It takes them both a few minutes to process what's going on and accept each other. Dean has seen to many tricks and apparitions to immediately believe in the reality of his mother resurrected and Mary has 30 years of technology and pop culture to catch up on. 

Dean takes Mary back to the bunker to show her around and have her meet Sam only to find signs of the struggle that apparently ensued when Sam was shot. They meet up with Castiel, who has made his way back from being banished as quickly as possible. The trio immediately gets down to tracking down Sam and whoever took him. 

Meanwhile, Sam is taken to a vet by the women who abducted him to treat the bullet wound in his knee.  The two women lock him down and interrogate him, intent on getting information about hunters in America. The one in charge explains that they want to help the American hunters out. In Great Britain, the men of letters have implemented an massive system of spells and warding to instantly alert them of the whereabouts of any monsters that step foot in England. The results are very effective, and they've decided that it's time to help out the messy Americans. But doing so involves torturing Sam. When he doesn't break under physical pain, they move onto drugging him and messing with his mind. 

Dean, Mary, and Cas catch a break when they track down the veterinarian who treated Sam and locate a phone number for the woman who took him. They make a call and she realizes that Dean poses a significant threat. So she sends her lackey out to take care of the problem.

The second woman intercepts the trio and with the help of some special brass knuckles manages to take down Dean and Cas. But she makes the mistake of turning her back on Mary, who takes up Cas's angel blade and kills her. Her cell phone gives them a pretty good lead on where Sam is being held.

Sam, under the influence of a hallucinogen, manages to fake his own death and lure the woman into the room he is being held in. She quickly realizes her mistake when Sam disarms her of her cattle prod and places her in a choke hold against the wall. He holds her there until she collapses and makes a break for the door. But he is too fast in releasing her. She gets back up and grabs the cattle prod. She zaps Sam and fights her way back out of the door, locking Sam in again. 

Through all this, Crowley is hot on the trail of Lucifer, who has evidently survived Amara's onslaught. He's hopping from host to host, but no vessel is strong enough to hold him--yet. 

This episode was a really great start. I for one am incredibly excited to see the new team dynamic that will be emerging this season. Fans of Supernatural have always seen Cas's protective instincts toward Dean Winchester and this episode allowed us to see the same ferocity displayed on Sam's behalf. On several occasions, Dean has to call Cas off from seriously hurting someone who could have a lead. Mary Winchester brings a new element to the table. The boys have encountered their mother before, but not like this. She's back as she would have been if she had never died on that night. With the previous season's peaceful resolution and the return of Mary, it looks like Season 12 has a pretty good chance of getting back to the old-school monster hunting of the first couple of seasons. I can't wait to see more!