Supernatural "The Foundry" Recap and Review

The Winchesters are back to doing what they do-- hunting as a family. As Mary struggles to adjust to the world, she comes across an odd news story, and convinces the boys to take a look. But her boys still aren't sure she's ready to join them, despite the multiple times she's saved their butts. They check out an abandoned house where two bodies with frozen hearts were discovered. There Mary encounters the ghost of a child, who burns her with frozen hands.

Sam finds a couple of leads in the online police records of dead children. They insist on leaving Mary behind as they go to burn the bones. She decides to follow her own lead and makes a phone call to the mother of the child ghost she saw. On a hunch, she goes back to the abandoned house on her own. 

She meets the  child again, who leads her to the basement and reveals that there is another, malevolent ghost inhabiting the house. He is the one responsible for the deaths. The boys track her down and  arrive just in time to stop the ghost from trying to freeze her heart as well. But all does not go as planned. Mary gets possessed and Dean has to defend himself from his own mother. But he can't bring himself to fight back. Mary manages to gain enough control back to tell the boys where the bones are. Dean restrains Mary while Sam salt and burns the bones in the basement, sending all of the spirits on.  

Meanwhile, Castiel follows a lead on Lucifer and runs into Crowley, who insists that they work together. As they get closer and closer, Lucifer employs Rowena to make a spell that will strengthen his vessel so that he can remain in it. Rowena agrees and casts the spell, but true to form, the spell speeds up the decay of the vessel. Once Lucifer is weakened enough, she cast another spell to send him somewhere far away. When Crowley and Castiel arrive, she explains to them that Lucifer is gone and that if they ever manage to corner him, call her. 

Back at the bunker, the Winchesters arrive home. Dean apologizes for sidelining Mama Winchester on her own case. But rather than be upset, she simply explains to the boys that she can't cope with everything that's happening. And so she leaves, and once again the boys watch as one more parental figure walks out of their lives.

This ending was absolutely heartbreaking. It's not surprising, as the directors and writers have does a very good job of making it clear that Mary has been struggling to reconnect with what used to be her little boys. This sort of drama really gets back to the feel of the early seasons of Supernatural, where a lot of the overarching tension came from the family struggles of Sam and Dean trying to work together to find their dad, rather than coming out of some new doomsday scenario. I for one, am very happy with this new direction. So far this season seems to be getting back to the basics of what really made it take off in the beginning. As the boys deal with watching their mother walk away, we're really going to get a good look at how much they've grown since the first season, where their father disappeared. 

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on where this season might be headed and what you think of it so far! I'd love to hear what you have to say!