#Supernatural "The One You've Been Waiting For" Recap

Spontaneous combustion brings the boys to town in this episode. You may recall the Thule, a  Nazi necromancer faction who just so happen to be immortal and have a pension for lighting people on fire. Well, their back and lighting up more people than even in search of something. 

When the Thule try to capture a young woman, who is somehow connected to the whole thing. The Winchesters capture the Thule agent sent for her and convince him to tell them what's going on. As it turns out, a member of the Thule downloaded Hitler into a pocket watch and want to upload him back into one of his decedents. The young woman, Ellie just so happens to be a relative of his, which is news to her. As she tries to come to terms with it, the Thule High Command locates them and attacks. As Sam and Dean fight them off, the captured Thule escapes and takes Ellie with him. 

Some family drama between a driven father and his slightly less idealistic and devoted son arises. The father orders his son killed, but an Impala shows up and distracts the executioner just long enough for the son to grab the gun and turn it back on him. He meets up with the Winchesters and spills the beans about his father's operation. The Winchesters are wary of his information, but they go anyway. 

Meanwhile, Nazis have hooked Ellie up to med equipment in order to take her blood and pump it into the veins of the High Commander. When they judge that they have enough, they bring out the pocket watch and put Hitler's soul into the Commander's body. And just like that, Hitler's back in the world, as crazy as ever. The Winchesters return but are captured. As Hitler orders their death, Ellie manages to slip out of her bonds and grabs a gun. She shoots one of the Nazis, creating a distraction for the boys to be able to take back their weapons and take out the Nazis. The last one alive is Hitler. Dean quite happily shoots him in the head as he lies on the ground, begging for his life. 

I honestly really enjoyed this episode. It wasn't over-the-top spectacular, but it was fun. Sam and Dean saving people, hunting Hitler, the family business. I'm loving this season's back-to-basics feel so far. What do you guys think?