#Superstore S3, Ep. 1 "Grand Re-Opening" Season Premiere Recap/Review

In the season premiere of Superstore, it's the grand reopening, and the staff and the store are not quite ready to open yet.

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After the events in the season finale, Amy tries to avoid Jonah when they get back to work. Jonah tries to confront Amy about the kiss, but she doesn't. It takes until they are assigned to be the Minions for the opening that they finally talked that it was at the moment in time when things were not looking go (because hell there was a tornado hitting the store). Amy tells Jonah that she's getting a divorce from Adam and that it happened the day after the tornado. The two seems to be back in that friend zone again.

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While the store is about ready, Glenn gets word that the opening is today and gets everyone to work as quick as they can. As everyone works as fast as they can, Glenn didn't realize that his voice is pretty high. Glenn speaks and tries to figure out how to change his voice before he has to speak during the opening, for which didn't work and just kept his voice at a low pitch when the ceremony was going on.

One of the highlights of the episode comes when Dina meets Howie Mandel for the first time and thinks that he is a new employee, but he's there to make a celebrating guest appearance. And just as she knows who Mandel was, she still treated him as an employee and still made him work.

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"Grand Re-Opening" was a fun, hilarious and memorable episode. Loved the performance of America Ferrera and Ben Feldman and even the scenes of Laura Ash with Mandel were just unforgettable. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10. 

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