#Superstore S4, Ep. 2 "Baby Shower" Recap/Review

As Amy tries to find a way to get baby gifts, Dana receives her Christmas card photo ready.


"Baby Shower" had many hilarious moments that made this a strong episode good. When Amy tries to figure out a way to get free baby gifts, Jonah comes up with a baby shower. That might be a great idea, but when the co-workers get mad about being not invited, the baby shower is on. It turned into more than just for Amy as Glenn, and his wife asked someone too. From playing games to guessing what kind of expired baby food it was; but the top two moments came when Amy gets a stripper baby and Jonah wrapping Amy in toilet paper like a baby.

But the one person that misses out on the shower, Dana. After getting family photos taken with Glenn and his wife, she wants her Christmas card photos done too. But when Mateo sees, he gets involved with some fantastic photo scene moments that blew away.

Not to mention: Garrett figured out that Jonah and Amy are together. And while Mateo left Dana hanging during a photo shoot, Sandra came in and didn't even help her in a sneaky funny way.

I thought that this episode was hilarious. The writing and performance from the cast were strong. It's hard to choose which had the better moments whether it's Dana or Amy but they both had the same moments. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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