#Superstore S4, Ep. 5 "Delivery Day" Recap/Review

This week's episode was not only hilarious, but it was also an intense conversation about health care insurance too. Here's a recap!


When Dina is heading to the hospital for a scheduled C-Section, Amy's water breaks also. As they get settled in their rooms, Amy learned about her insurance isn't good at that hospital; even if it's what Glenn also has. So they headed down to the clinic; which looked like a place that's about to be condemned. Let alone she shares a room with a dead body with its eyes open.

Meanwhile, Dina gets the treatment of her life when she sees a doctor that she's trying to impress. But after learning that she' gonna need surgery for a C-section. Worried about the surgery, she's not the only one as Glenn come along too. But with Dina's music playing (theme music from the circus), Glenn's view was a memorable one.  He gets to see more than what he's barren for seeing the intestines; which made him throw up but sees the baby girl and was as happy as can be.

As Amy delivers, she gets an old doctor to help deliver the baby, but also discussing with Jonah their relationship status. As Amy's Ex-husband and the father of the baby comes, she delivers a baby boy. Things look good for Amy and Jonah, and as Jonah leaves, Garrett and Mateo stopped by as they delivered a congratulations card, which Garrett had a here of a time coming up with something funny."Delivery Day" was a fantastic episode.

I had hoped to see this moment this season. In last season when Amy learns she's pregnant, I just had this idea that she and Dina would deliver their babies together and with that moment being neighbors was hilarious.  They played off the character very well with the insurance issues to facing surgery and even coming up with a funny saying in a congratulations card. With everyone's performance in this episode good, Lauren Ash steals the episode when she talks to Glenn's daughter to give some advice before they take her, which was good tissue moment.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. You can catch Superstore Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.