Syfy #VanHelsing Special Preview Intro, Recap & Review

So in case you have no idea what this show is, here is a little run down before the recap. Van Helsing is a Syfy new original series that is set to premiere on September 23, 2016. The series follows Vanessa "Van" Helsing, the daughter of Abraham Van Helsing (Abraham Van Helsing is a character from the 1897 Gothic horror novel Dracula), is resurrected in a post-apocalyptic world, five years in the future, to lead a resistance against the vampires an epidemic.

Main Stars
Kelly Overton as Vanessa Helsing

Jonathan Scarfe as Axel

Christopher Heyerdahl as Sam

David Cubitt as John

Rukiya Bernard as Doc

Trezzo Mahoro as Mohamad

Tim Guinee as Ted

Now let’s get to the recap and what I thought about the special preview aired on July 31. 2016. The first thing that pops in my head in the first 5 minutes of the series was that the series is going to be like The Walking Dead with vampires and Vanessa who is the Rick Grimes of the show is immortal. They started off the episode with Vanessa (Kelly Overton) been bitten and waking to kill the vampires that attacked her, and she was pretty vicious for someone just walking up. Then they jump to 36 hours earlier where we see Axel (Johnathon Scarfe) feeding the vampire that is later discovered to be part of his original crew. She was the Doc (Rukiya Bernard) on their base and got bitten try to save Axel so I guess he keeps her alive, I am not really sure of her purpose yet and why kept her alive but finding out in the end that Vanessa’s blood could cure the vampires. I assume that she will heal the Doc who hopefully will be able to tell us a little bit more about who she is and why she is immortal. We got introduce to another main character Ted (Tim Guinee) who appear to be an old base buddy of Axel but got separated when they got ambushed by vampires. Ted return with a small crew with consist of few of the other main character Sam (Christoper Heyerdshl) who is deaf and in my opinion is going to be the Dale of the series. John (David Cubitt) who wife was left outside after the crew came in with Ted and had a conflict with Axel about going back out there to rescue his wife. Then there is newcomer Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro) who is close with Sam and signed for him. We have a lot to learn about the character and how they came together but for now, we know that Axel is a by the rules guy that was sent to protect Vanessa and the Doc. Ted motive is to turn Vanessa over to a group of people who we yet to meet. Sam and Mohamed are very close and seem to protect and defend each other. John character is still questionable so I not sure what role he might play but if he does as well and he did in Medium I think her a character that we all might grow to love in spite of his initial rash behavior. 

Overall, based on the special which was commercial free (thank God) I think that the series will gather a horror, supernatural fan base and as I mention earlier if you are a Walking Dead fan. I think you might find Van Helsing with much similarity base on how the group will stick together to survive with the twist of the immortal Vanessa Helsing who is in search for her daughter who must still be alive if she has her mother’s blood running through her vein. I think It will be worth the watch if you have not watched the special it is available on Syfy on demand and the Syfy app.