#GreysAnatomy S13 Episode 1 "Undo" Recap & Review Aka "Alex What Did You Do?"

Grey's Anatomy's season finale had left us with many questions and concerns.  Some of which included were what happen to DeLucca. In the opening scene of Grey's Anatomy's Season Premiere, we see a severely beaten DeLucca coming out of an ambulance on a stretcher with Karev giving the patient information.  Doctors at the hospital are trying to figure out what happened to DeLucca. At the current time, no-one suspects that Karev is the one who beat up DeLucca.  

Meanwhile, Meredith and the other doctors are at Amelia and Owen's wedding reception! Grey gets a call from a very frantic Jo. Unable to understand her she goes to the apartment trying to find out what happened exactly.  She then makes her way to the hospital to try and find Karev and find out what happened.  Grey and Karev then come up with a way to not tell anyone what happened.  

The cops meanwhile have shown up at GSMH.  The cops are now looking for Karev who is panicking and trying to figure out what to do. He is hoping that DeLucca won't press charges. 

Tensions rise between Meredith and Maggie as Meredith is unsure of what to do.  Does she stay loyal to her new person, or does she tell her half-sister what really happened?  Maggie later finds out that Meredith knew all along what happened to DeLucca and they have a talk.  Meredith agrees never to lie, or withhold information from Maggie again.  

Meredith is torn between her friendship to Karev and her duty as a doctor.  In the end, she chooses her profession but luckily for her Karev has already turned himself into the cops. We then see Karev being handcuffed, and perp walked to the cop car. Everyone is in shock! 

Kepner and Avery also welcome a baby girl, and both mom and baby are doing well!