#Suits (S6, EP14) "Admission of Guilt" Recap

Suits, 614, Admission of Guilt (air date: 2/15/2017)

Rating: overall 7/8 - enjoyable

Warning:  This recap may contain spoilers!

The Suits episode titled “Admission of Guilt” was a great Valentine’s Day present (even though it aired the day after Valentine’s Day).  There was drama with a little bit of fun added to the mix which was perfect!  Mike Ross and Harvey Specter are sorts of working together again on a case!  Mike and Harvey begin to work on filing a suit against Velocity Data Solutions for Craig Seidel so that Mike can get a hearing for the Bar.

Even though Tara and Louis are engaged, they’ve decided to get to know each other a bit better.  They start by looking through Louis'syearbooks and reminiscing about all his health issues and they even talk about having a baby of their own one day.

Mike and Harvey draft out a plan to sue Velocity but Harvey is insistent that neither he nor Pearson Specter Litt will be seen as running the show or being involved at all.  Their plan is that Mike will run it from the legal clinic Mike is working at.  Oliver at the clinic helps Mike and together they come up with a whiz-bang of a class action suit.

Did you know that Harvey gets his own coffee in the Executive Coffee Room at PSL?  Louis is surprised to find Harvey in the Executive Coffee Room getting coffee and asks him to help him meet with the fashion company CEO that is one of their top clients.  In the past, Jessica would bring Louis with her to these meetings.  Jessica would stroke the CEO’s ego while Louis did his numbers routine.  Harvey teases Louis but ultimately says he’ll go with Louis.  Louis gets all excited and starts talking about them being friends and maybe even going mudding together.  But alas…Harvey mixes the mudding idea.

Benjamin was back fine tuning The Donna hoping to make the machine learn more empathy.  Unfortunately, even his best efforts can’t get it right (or so he thinks).  He’s disappointed in failing Donna and himself.  Our wonderful redhead Donna is there to console poor Benjamin and later when Donna gets upset with herself…The Donna steps in and comforts her! It works after all!  Don’t we all wish we had The Donna??

Rachel goes to Harvey's condo to get Harvey to promise if things go south on this plan of his to get Mike into the Bar, he'll pull the plug. Harvey hesitates, but Rachel insists; Harvey relents and promises he won’t put Mike in harm's way. 

Nathan dreams Mike a new one (again); he's not happy about Mike going behind his back to file a class action suit against Velocity. He suspects Mike has an ulterior motive.  Mike says he has to trust him, Nathan said he had no choice.  Oliver figures out Mike is up to something too!  Oliver demands that Mike tell the truth and Mike does a song and dance but ends up telling Oliver the truth.  Harvey and he are using the suit to get Mike back into the Bar.  Oliver tells Mike he needs to set the right example and tell Nathan the truth, no matter what.

Mike goes to James Palmer, the CEO of Velocity Data Solutions.  He’s expecting Velocity to offer a settlement but instead, the CEO threatens to drown Mike and the legal clinic in paperwork and file suits against the 150 members of the class action.  Backed against the wall, Mike reaches for the only weapon he knows and tells Palmer that his co-council is none other than - Pearson Specter Litt.  (Oops!)

Remember when Harvey told Louis he’d go with him to meet the fashion company CEO?  Yeah, well, of course, Harvey backs out telling Louis it’s to help Mike and a lawsuit, but Louis is devastated nonetheless and a little pissed too I’m sure (this is Louis we’re talking about, right?).  Donna suggests he team up with Rachel and Katrina to do the presentation.  Louis agrees and they all did wonderfully, but, unfortunately, the firm gets fired anyway.  The CEO wanted to be pampered by the partners of the firm, not just one partner.

Harvey brings Mike and Oliver on board to work with their 10 associates developing motions and such.  Then the shoe drops!  James Palmer figures out what they are up to. Turns out Craig Seidel lied (I knew I didn't trust that guy!) to Harvey when he said that he had an affair...it was actually insider trading.  Harvey goes to Seidel and tells him to forget it, that the suit is over BUT Seidel is still going to make good on his promise to get Mike into the Bar.  And if he doesn’t, Harvey will make him pay!  Seidel admits his guilt and tries to plead with Harvey but Harvey doesn’t want to hear it.  If there is one thing Harvey hates it is when someone lies to him!

Next week is episode 615 “Quid Pro Quo”:  Mike’s class action hits a snag; Donna and Benjamin seek an investor; and Harvey, Louis, and Rachel consider getting their hands dirty.  Take a look:

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