once upon a time “The Bear King”

Once upon a time "Birth" “The Bear King” Recap

Once upon a time  "Birth" “The Bear King” Recap

Once upon a time
The two-hour long episode started with Hook, Robin and Charming arriving at Arthur’s tent, and charming telling them to stand guard and let him enter first, Robin asked if they think that the dishonorable king won’t put up a fight and Hook he told Robin wish he hadn’t “hooked means business .” Charming entered a tent to find Arthur and Guinevere having wine; Arthur immediately greeted him with pleasantries, but charming skipped all that and confronted him about destroying the Crimson Crown. Arthur askedcharming if he knew about it and he replied yes and told him that he needed answers from the message that was sent by Merlin. The message said that there was only one person that could destroy the dark one name Nimue “the original dark one.” 

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